21 Trending Tupperware Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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1. Direct Selling News

Website traffic: 60K/month

2. Tupperware

From innovative kitchen products to a flexible and fun business opportunity. Join us, host a party, shop online, find great recipes & more.

Website traffic: 240K/month


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4. Tupperware India

Tupperware India - Kitchenware Products Online. Buy all kitchen storage products, bottles, serverware, cookware etc at 20 % off.

5. Tupperware® Online Store

Tupperware® is made from the best quality materials, trusted for over 75 years. Offers Lifetime Guarantee. The best product to store your cooking, organize your home & save you time. Tupperware®.

6. Tupperware

7. Tupperware Australia

From innovative kitchen products to a flexible and fun business opportunity. Join us, host a party, shop online, find great recipes & more.

Website traffic: 950K/month


8. Tupperware

The official site for Tupperware Brands Corporation (TUP): Tupperware, Avroy Shlain, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, and Nuvo.


9. Kitchen Safe

The kSafe by Kitchen Safe is a time-lock container that helps you form good habits. It can only be opened when the timer reaches zero. No overrides!

How much they make: $1.8M/year
Where they're located: Southlake, Texas, USA
Current team size: 18
Website traffic: 60K/month


Transforming One Idea Into A $150K/Month Business

The founder of Kitchen Safe, David Krippendorf, invented the world's first time-lock container that has helped customers avoid snacking on junk food along with other temptations, with over half of the users also using it for other non-food related items such as cell phones, cigarettes, and credit cards.

David started Kitchen Safe over 12 years ago
David grew the business to $150K/month
Read by 9,423 founders

10. Login Page


11. Tupperware Plus

Now is the Time for You to Buy a Wide Range of Tupperware Products online in Malaysia at the Lowest Price, could be as low as NETT Price.

12. Tupperware Tips & Tricks


13. Business Tupperware


14. This Domain Is Available

15. My Tupperware Business


16. SH.SG

SH.SG - A Singapore based, full-featured URL Shortener that supports custom aliases, link expiration, password protection, geotargeting, device targeting, pixels, parameters, analytics and more!

17. Official Tupperware Brands Singapore Website

For over 50 years, Tupperware Brands Singapore offers innovative and time-saving solutions to help make your life simpler and more delicious.

18. 2006 Tupperware Business Kit


19. Tupperware Singapore

Tupperware Singapore WhatsApp 8676 3236 - updates you with information about Tupperware Singapore activities, eg catalogue, promotions, new products, etc.

20. TUP.SG

Buy Tupperware in Singapore Online. 100% Genuine Tupperware products such as water bottles, lunch boxes and more. Products are BPA free with lifetime warranty!