28 Trending Travel Rewards App Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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A travel rewards app is a special mobile app that helps you earn points and rewards while traveling. These apps are designed to be used by frequent travelers who are looking to benefit from their travels.

If you love to travel but have never been able to afford it then this might be the first step to turning your dream into a reality. By making a travel rewards app you can earn handsome money by monetizing that app.

Creating a travel rewards app sounds like a complicated task. But it can be much easier than you think. You don't need travel industry experience or an office in Silicon Valley to design something that gives people more ways to earn rewards on their everyday purchases.

Looking for some examples of a travel rewards app?

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1. AwardWallet, LLC

AwardWallet helps you track frequent flyer miles and hotel points as well as book reward tickets

How much they make: $1.8M/year
Where they're located: Bethlehem, Judea and Samaria, Palestinian Territory
Current team size: 29
Website traffic: 310K/month


How I Launched A $150K/Month Frequent Flyer Programs Tracking App

AwardWallet is a loyalty program tracking website which has grown to over $150,000 in monthly revenue, and since launch has retained users mainly through word of mouth due to its superior product in the space.

Alexi started AwardWallet, LLC over 19 years ago
Alexi grew the business to $150K/month
Read by 9,591 founders

2. Hytch Rewards

The single occupancy vehicle tracking system employers use for safe return to work strategies in the face of COVID-19.

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA


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4. Card Curator

Card Curator's app helps users maximize earnings from spending and travel for free through points & miles based on CardArbTM, our proprietary algorithm.

Where they're located: New York, NY, USA
How much did it cost to start: $200K
Current team size: 12



Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website traffic: 70K/month


6. unknown

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA


7. Welcome to the Jamaica Travel Specialist Program!

8. Dynamic Rewards

Dynamic Rewards provides travel packages for your business. Use our wholesale travel packages for employee incentives, promotional awards and dealer loaders.

9. Priority Rewards

10. Travel Reward Center

11. Westgate Space

12. TravelRewards Powered by Zollie

13. SX Rewards – Sixt rent a car’s travel agent rewards program

14. Cayman Islands

15. O'Rielly Rewards

16. Purchase Perks

17. Access Denied

18. Allied Training Rewards

19. Banner TruRewards

20. Sales Incentive Programs

21. Cruise Rewards

22. Celebrity Rewards

23. Credit Card Rewards

Use your rewards credit card points to make your dream come true.

24. Incentive Travel Group

Planning a corporate group trip? Peak Performance's Incentive Travel Group caters your corporate and incentive travel needs. Visit us today to know more!

25. Caesars Travel Agents

26. Home

27. Travelers Rewards Value: Login Page