44 Trending Subscription Box Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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Subscription box businesses offer customers a niche set of products on a monthly basis.

They're in high demand as they add value to customer service, offer exclusive products and can be highly profitable.

To start a subscription box business, understand your niche market, provide quality products, perfect your box design, build a good relationship with fulfillment companies, and market your service.

Looking for some examples of a subscription box business?

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1. Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonianmag.com places a Smithsonian lens on the world, looking at the topics and subject matters researched, studied and exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution -- science, history, art, popular culture and innovation -- and chronicling them every day for our diverse readership.

Where they're located: ميرنكني, Anjouan, Comoros
Website traffic: 9.88M/month


2. Vikatan

Vikatan is No.1 Tamilnadu news publisher. Vikatan owns Various print magazines like Ananda vikatan, Junior Vikatan, Aval vikatan, Nanayam vikatan, Doctor Vikatan, Vikatan Thadam are published in digital format on vikatan.com

Where they're located: Arta, Djibouti
Website traffic: 6.82M/month


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4. Colorado Springs Gazette

The Gazette is a daily newspaper owned by Clarity Media Group that is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. It started its operation in 1873 and got its first issue date in 1946. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1990 for feature writing on a home explosion. And in 2014, it was again awarded the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting by David Philipps.

Where they're located: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Website traffic: 1.89M/month


5. Flaviar

Flaviar is an online spirit club that caters to spirits enthusiasts who want to explore and get access to resources, updates, and rare collections. This was founded by Grisa Soba and Jugoslav Petkovic in 2012 in London, England.

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website traffic: 970K/month


6. Urban Tastebud

Awesome products and resources.

How much they make: $612K/year
Where they're located: Winter Garden, FL, USA
How much did it cost to start: $210
Current team size: 0
Website traffic: 460K/month


How I Started My $51K/Month Subscription Box Review Business

Urban Tastebud is a profitable affiliate marketing blog specializing on subscription box reviews that now draws in $51,000 a month; the founder started by writing quick easy-to-read list articles and has remained profitable for 9 years by his consistency while focusing on growing his content and using social media platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest to increase traffic.

Adam started Urban Tastebud almost 12 years ago
Adam grew the business to $51K/month
It cost Adam $210 to start the business
Read by 5,308 founders

7. BOX

Where they're located: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Website traffic: 1.42M/month


8. Loot Crate

Loot Crate™ is a worldwide leader in fan-commerce whose mission is to unite the world through the shared celebration of fandom.

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 780K/month


9. Bokksu

Discover Japan through snacks! Get curated Japanese snack subscription boxes of authentic Japanese treats, candies, and teas delivered to your door from Japan. Experience Japan from home with Bokksu and get free shipping worldwide!

How much they make:
Where they're located: New York, New York, USA
Current team size: 12


10. Daily High Club

The BEST Smoking Subscription Box service, offering the lowest prices on bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, glass pipes, vaporizers, and more! Come visit our online head shop with fast shipping & No BS!

Where they're located: Long Beach, California, USA
Website traffic: 380K/month


11. Revive Superfoods

Revive Superfoods delivers delicious Chef crafted Superfood smoothies, oats, meals & more delivered right to your door & ready in minutes!

Where they're located: Aurora, Illinois, USA
Website traffic: 200K/month


12. Honolulu Fish

Fresh Hawaiian fish delivered to your door. The same, sashimi-grade fish sold to our fine dining customers.

Where they're located: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


13. Soda Sense

Our CO2 exchange program keeps you bubblin' from the comfort of your home. Refill CO2 carbonators from any manufacturer right from your mailbox.

Where they're located: Salem, Oregon, USA
Website traffic: 70K/month


14. Home

AnniesKitClubs.com offers you craft kit clubs to feed your creative spirit. You can become a member of craft kit clubs for beading, card making, crochet & knitting, kids crafts and more! There's even a fabric club for quilting and sewing lovers!

Where they're located: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Website traffic: 660K/month


15. Horti

Horti is a plant subscription service for people who want to create and care for indoor gardens. Each month we send our customers hardy plants along with tools & mana

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA
Website traffic: 100K/month


16. Cannabox

Cannabox™ is the best smoking accessory subscription box. Monthly themed boxes of premium glass, rare essentials and gear for less than $30!

How much they make: $4.2M/year
Where they're located: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Current team size: 3
Website traffic: 170K/month


How I Started A $350K/Month Cannabis Subscription Box

Learn how Michael Berk founded and grew Cannabox, a monthly cannabis subscription box, to have an MRR of $350,000 and 11,000 subscribers, by being a pioneer in the industry, hiring the right people, staying humble, and using SEO, email marketing, and social media.

Michael grew the business to $350K/month
Read by 14,701 founders

17. Tavour

Tavour gives you access to highly-rated craft beer from independent breweries in 47 states. No membership fees. Beer delivery, made simple.

Where they're located: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Website traffic: 170K/month


18. ScrawlrBox

A mystery box of quality art supplies delivered to your door monthly... You just add the creativity. ScrawlrBox delivers creative tools direct to your door.



Ultra-premium monthly subscription box yarn club for knitters and crocheters worldwide. Beautifully dyed yarns, curated patterns, member discounts to online store. Knitting, crochet, wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and other natural fibers.

Where they're located: Fontana, California, USA
Website traffic: 150K/month


20. OwlCrate

Exclusive, signed hardcover books and beautifully curated bookish goodies delivered straight to your door. Subscribe to our current theme and wait for your book crate to arrive!

Where they're located: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA



The Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) is the global network that helps grow enduringly fantastic subscription businesses.

Where they're located: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


22. IPTV Wind

best paid iptv service 2020 iptv indian channels.Best IPTV Streaming provider in Usa,UK,INDIA,PAKISTAN with over 14000 + channels, watch Cricket ,Football Live

Where they're located: Ngambé-Tikar, Centre, Cameroon


23. Pipsticks

Pipsticks is a sticker & stationery company most known for our Sticker Subscription. Teachers, crafters, planners, kids, and sticker lovers all adore our club! Subscriber or give the gift of sticker love today!

Where they're located: Reno, Nevada, USA
Website traffic: 90K/month


24. Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts offers subscription services for science, technology and art projects- delivered monthly craft box subscriptions for kids ages 5-10.

Where they're located: Wagrain, Salzburg, Austria


25. Woof Box | Online Dog Food, Dog Toys, Dog Accessories in a monthly subscription box | WoofBox

Each WoofBox is loaded with four or more goodies for your little one from great Toys, Treats, Gorgeous Bandanas & more that will make your pet go Bonkers. Order now!


26. CigarClub.com

Where they're located: Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


27. The Horn Book

The Horn Book Magazine and The Horn Book Guide are the most distinguished journals in the field of children’s and young adult literature and the core of our company. Founded in 1924 by Bertha Mahony to herald the best in children’s literature, more than eighty-five years later, we are still following her lead.

Where they're located: In Salah, In Salah, Algeria


28. unknown

Where they're located: Ngambé-Tikar, Centre, Cameroon
Website traffic: 70K/month

29. LiveGlam

Your new favorite makeup subscription box! Get our curated monthly beauty box filled with lipsticks, eyeshadows or makeup brushes. The choice is yours! We're Leaping Bunny approved, so all of our products are cruelty-free and vegan. An easy & affordable way to build your beauty collection!

Where they're located: El Paso, Texas, USA


30. Sago Mini Box

A monthly delivery of make-and-play activities that spark joy and encourage creativity. Winner of the Academics’ Choice Brain Toy award!

Where they're located: In Salah, In Salah, Algeria


31. Cleveland in a Box

Send local and iconic Cleveland items worldwide with Cleveland in a Box!

Where they're located: Cleveland, Ohio, USA


32. Hypoallergenic Nickel-Free Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Rowan provides hypoallergenic earrings and nickel free earrings for sensitive ears for children, teenagers, and adults. We offer a safe and fun ear piercing experience by a licensed medical professional.

Where they're located: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


33. Delivery Biz Pro, LLC

Customer marketplace, backend day to day operation tools like customer management, billing, packing, routing, inventory, reporting, and more - you can't go wrong when you choose DBP as your delivery management software. Learn more today!

Where they're located: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


34. IPTV Subscription.tv

The Best IPTV Provider - IPTV Subscription TV has plans starting at $18.99 - Best TV Streaming App 2019 - Subscription with over 800 HD Live Channels

Where they're located: Vicuña, Coquimbo Region, Chile


35. ArtSnacks

Where they're located: Bangluo, Gansu, China
Website traffic: 40K/month


36. Monster Jam

Monster Jam® is adrenaline-charged family entertainment featuring the most famous trucks in the world. World-class drivers push these perfectly engineered machines to their limits in this unexpected, unscripted and unforgettable event!

Where they're located: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Website traffic: 280K/month


37. Butcher Box

Fully customized naturally raised premium meats delivered monthly to your home, no long term commitment, cancel anytime. 100% Grass Fed Beef.

Where they're located: Durham, North Carolina, USA


38. Moink

Where they're located: Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA


39. Privada Cigar Club – Rare. Aged. Premium.

Where they're located: Orlando, Florida, USA
Website traffic: 90K/month


40. Gadget Discovery Club

Discover an EPIC new gadget every month. Upgrade your entertainment & lifestyle. Experience the next level, with the world's favourite tech subscription box! Get started today...

Where they're located: Mobile, Alabama, USA
Website traffic: 60K/month


41. Geek Fuel

Where they're located: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


42. Birchbox

Get the original personalized monthly subscription box for men and women delivered right to your door. Discover new skincare, hair, and makeup products then buy the ones you love!

How much they make:


43. ConseCrate

Subscription Boxes and other gifts created for ministers.

How much they make:
Where they're located: Minnesota City, MN, USA
Current team size: 1