3 Pet Hotel Business Success Stories [2022]

3 Pet Hotel Business Success Stories [2022]
Start A Pet Hotel Business

Starting your own pet hotel business is not as difficult as you might think. With the right knowledge and hard work, you can achieve a lot in the pet industry.

A pet hotel is a place where people bring their cats and dogs for short-term boarding. It's a business that provides pet-sitting services in which customers can board their pets while they're out of town, or while they're at work.

Over 60M households own dogs or cats in the United States. What happens when they leave town or go on vacation? Pet boarding is a lucrative industry that can be served locally in any state or city across the world.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a pet hotel business:

1. Best Friends PET HOTEL

  • Website traffic: 100K/month
  • Business rank: #654K

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2. Dream Careers Guides from FabJob.com

FabJob.com has insider guide and expert advice to help you get started in your dream career.

  • Business rank: #856K

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3. Hanrob Pet Hotels

Give Your Pet The Ultimate Unique Pet Experience at Hanrob Pet Hotels. Train your pet at the Hanrob Dog Training Academy. Contact us now!

  • Business rank: #1.1M

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