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7 Online Course Creation Business Success Stories [2023]

7 Online Course Creation Business Success Stories [2023]
Start An Online Course Creation Business

Starting an online course could be perfect if you want a passive income. Whatever your background, you could start teaching online and earn a passive income.

All you need to start an online course is patience, imagination, and an enabling eLearning platform where you can connect with the relevant audience.

Online courses may take time and require a lot of effort to start selling. However, once your audience finds the content resourceful, they start sharing and recommending it through their network. Remember, creating an online course could take longer than expected, so remain focused and give your best.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a online course creation business:

1. Prep Expert ($20M/year)

From the archive: This episode was originally recorded and published in 2019. Our interviews on Entrepreneurs On Fire are meant to be evergreen, and we do our best to confirm that all offers and URL's in these archive episodes are still relevant. Shaan Patel is the founder of Prep Expert SAT & ACT Preparation & ClearHat Digital Marketing, and winner of a Shark Tank deal with billionaire Mark Cuban. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Do what you know. Avoid going into an industry that you know nothing about. 2. Never trade time for money. 3. Self-control is the number one predictor of success. The Business Automation Software Of The Year Is Finally Here! - Sponsors: : A platform that’s easy for your entire team to use! Learn how HubSpot can make it easier for your business to grow better at ! : Roll is the first chat- based payroll app designed for small businesses. Ready to Roll? Check out to download the Roll by ADP app and get your first 3 months free! : If you don't have life insurance, then you need Ethos. Visit to get your free life insurance quote today!

Shaan Patel (from Las Vegas, NV, USA) started Prep Expert over 12 years ago.

$1.67M / month
1 founders / 44 employees

Case Study

Shaan Patel is the founder and CEO of Prep Expert, a test preparation platform that provides online SAT and ACT prep courses.

He founded the firm from his dorm room eight years ago with just $900 left over from his undergraduate scholarships.

His SAT and ACT prep classes, books, and licensed items have already brought more than $20 million in sales. In 2016, he pitched Prep Expert on ABC's "Shark Tank" and secured an investment from billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

He spent no money on marketing during the first five years of starting Prep Expert. Despite this, the company's sales doubled yearly based on word-of-mouth marketing.

The SAT prep classes offered by Prep Expert increased the students' SAT scores by hundreds of points. As a result, parents would refer it to other parents, enabling this company to grow quickly and for free.

When he first founded Prep Expert, Patel approached the local TV station about doing a piece on SAT preparation suggestions for parents and kids. He moved from having no clients to having several when the television interview aired.

Patel attributes his entrepreneurial success to self-control and never giving up.


2. Tableau

Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.

  • Website traffic: 11.2M/month
  • Business rank: #2.53K

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Other resources

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4. Panopto Video Platform

Panopto is the leading video platform for businesses & universities. With Panopto, anyone can create and share professional on-demand videos securely.

  • Website traffic: 6.8M/month
  • Business rank: #3.66K

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5. Intellipaat

Intellipaat offers professional certification online training courses authored by industry experts. Learn the high in-demand skills from our experts.

  • Business rank: #8.05K

Check out their full website ➜

6. Thinkific

Create online courses and membership sites with Thinkific and feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and the best support in the industry.

  • Business rank: #2.28K

Check out their full website ➜

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