9 Trending Halal Mobile App Businesses [2023]

9 Trending Halal Mobile App Businesses [2023]
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The number of mobile app users today is pretty overwhelming. If you have IT skills and can develop an app, a market you may want to venture into is halal mobile applications. The application can focus on teaching the Muslim doctrine, a notification application, etc. To start, find a niche and develop the application. Marketing the application will help you maximize the number of downloads.

Looking for some examples of a halal mobile app?

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1. halals

halals app allows you to find halal dietary options at restaurants and stores near your location.

  • Business rank: #11.5M

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2. 100


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Other resources

4. Halal Checklist

Halal Checklist is an Online Halal Marketplace & Directory app that seeks to help F&B sellers in gaining exposure and serves as a F&B directory for buyers.

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5. Dabu.MN

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6. QuikHalal

Halal Audting mobile app, can be used by Halal Auditordajkkjsahkahlsklasfbasfbasbfabblfbaslfbas;fb;safnafnfjl;abfjfbasjfbas;fb;

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7. Sunnah Helper

notification tool for voluntary deeds like night prayers, duha prayer, fasting, etc.

  • Estimated revenue: $1/month

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8. B. Halal

B. Halal Mobile App is a platform, that allows users to buy and sell absolutely Halal compliant products and services online, with simple snaps and chats.

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