43 Trending Graphic Design App Businesses [2024]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
Start A Graphic Design App

A graphic design application is a SaaS application that allows users create online graphics. Examples of graphic design applications include Snappa, adobe Photoshop, and GIMP.

Modern businesses need digital branding, holograms, and poster designs, to maximize the customer reach abilities. Therefore, graphic designers are becoming the most in-demand professionals.

The high demand is a good basis for choosing graphic design applications as one of the best app business ideas in 2022. Before you kick start the graphics design app business idea, here are technical skills you may consider:

  • Design principles
  • Idea generation
  • Branding skills
  • Typography
  • Print designing
  • UX and UI Design

While coding skills and cross-platform development skills are important to start developing applications, you can hire developers online.

Looking for some examples of a graphic design app?

Interested in case studies of a successful graphic design app? Check out our full list of success stories.

1. Behance :: Best of Behance

Projects featured today by our curators

Where they're located: La Cautiva, Córdoba, Argentina
Website traffic: 39.7M/month


2. PicMonkey

Create beautiful photos, logos, social media graphics, and facebook covers with PicMonkey’s easy yet powerful photo editing and graphic design software.

Where they're located: Guarantã do Norte, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Website traffic: 2.37M/month


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4. Snappa

Snappa makes it easy to create any type of online graphic. Create & publish images for social media, blogs, ads, and more!

How much they make: $1M/year
Where they're located: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Current team size: 4
Website traffic: 870K/month


How Two Friends Bootstrapped A SaaS Business To $55K MRR

Learn how Christopher:

  • Start: Left a $95K/year to build his dream business
  • Early traction: Got their first users thanks to an $89 keyword research tool
  • Quick validation: Hit $4K/month in less than 30 days

Start something. It seriously doesn’t matter if your first idea sucks and you completely bomb. You will learn so much in those first 3 - 6 months, and at a certain point, you need to apply what you’re learning from blog posts and podcasts.

Read by 19,706 founders

5. Free Online Graphic Designer

FotoJet is a powerful online app for graphic design, photo collage, and photo editing. No download or registration required, try it for free now!

Where they're located: Ngambé-Tikar, Centre, Cameroon
Website traffic: 1.11M/month


6. Cricut Home

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 3.52M/month


7. Designhill

World’s #1 Creative Marketplace that allows businesses & individuals alike to source high-quality designs & buy products created by 150K+ global designers/artists

Where they're located: Sare, Migori, Kenya
Website traffic: 870K/month


8. Vectr

Free vector graphics editor. A simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool for everyone.

Where they're located: Wichita, Kansas, USA
Website traffic: 430K/month


9. Stencil

Stencil is a fantastically easy-to-use online graphic design tool and image editor built for business owners, social media marketers, and bloggers.

Where they're located: Ararat Province, Armenia
Website traffic: 150K/month


10. Freelancer

Where they're located: Dighalia, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Website traffic: 140K/month


11. Desygner

Design online: graphics for your social media, ad & print materials. Use a simple design tool for content creation and packed with free graphics.

Where they're located: In Salah, In Salah, Algeria
Website traffic: 670K/month


12. GraphicSprings: Best Logo Software To Create Free Designs

Looking for free logo design software? Our logo maker software is the best software to create logos for your business. ✓ Try GraphicSprings now!

Where they're located: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Website traffic: 820K/month


13. Easil

Easil is the drag-and-drop design tool that empowers your whole team to create visual content so good, it looks like a pro designed it.

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 160K/month


14. Designious

Download t-shirt designs for merch, vector clipart, templates, fonts, textures, logos, and Photoshop brushes. Commercial license for print on demand websites.

How much they make: $180K/year
Where they're located: Bucharest, Romania
Current team size: 2
Website traffic: 60K/month


Generating $15K/Month In Extra Income With A Graphic Design Library

Designious co-founder Alex Dumitru shares how the graphic design library generates $12-13k in monthly revenue by creating digital products that appeal to print-on-demand entrepreneurs and graphic designers, while also offering a flat-rate membership and useful resources that solve little problems.

Alexandru started Designious almost 16 years ago
Alexandru grew the business to $15K/month
Read by 4,005 founders


Best IT Companies in the World. B2B Ratings, Reviews and Research - 2020.

Where they're located: Языльский сельский Совет, Minsk Region, Belarus


16. Verve Logic

VerveLogic LLC is leading Web design and mobile app development company in India. We develop customized mobile applications that are compatible with iOS and Android.

Where they're located: Vallée du Bandama, Côte d'Ivoire


17. Vehicle Templates Unleashed

Vehicle templates for vehicle wrap design. Thousands of car template outlines & truck template outlines. Many available for free download!

Where they're located: Tacoma, Washington, USA


18. Creative IT Institute

Develop your professional & personal skills through Creative IT Institute. We provide Graphic Design, Web & Software, Digital Marketing, Networking, Film & Media, Robotics & Automation Training etc affordable price. Call + 880 162 4666000

Where they're located: Dighalia, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh


19. Custom T-Shirts Online

From custom team t-shirts to embroidery, The Graphic Edge is an online leader in customized screen printing for teams, schools, businesses, and individuals.

Where they're located: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Website traffic: 60K/month


20. Go Media

Go Media is a Cleveland Web Design & Branding Firm specializing in all things graphic - web design/development, branding, print design & more.

Where they're located: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Website traffic: 80K/month


21. Animation Career Review

Where they're located: Tejutepeque, Departamento de Cabañas, El Salvador
Website traffic: 200K/month


22. GoWebLive!

GoWebLive! We create affordable web designs, that not only give you a great web presence but will rank well in your local web marketing area's.

Where they're located: Cleveland, Ohio, USA


23. El Paso Independent School District / Homepage

Where they're located: El Paso, Texas, USA

24. Ohio Web Technologies

Award winning Ohio website designers specializing in WordPress and responsive websites. Providing eCommerce websites & SEO services in Cleveland and beyond.

Where they're located: Akron, Ohio, USA


25. Web Design in Kansas City

The Best Web Design in Kansas City, SEO, & Website Development Begins & Ends With Us. We Are Kansas City's Most Trusted Digital Agency With A Focus On ROI.

Where they're located: Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA


26. MitchDesigns

MitchDesigns is a Leading Web Design Company in Egypt Focused on eCommerce and Digital Marketing Based in Egypt. Let's Talk

Where they're located: New Valley Governorate, Egypt


27. Graphic

Powerful feature-packed vector drawing and illustration application designed specifically for Mac and iOS.

Where they're located: Augusta, Georgia, USA


28. Stock Graphics

Stock-Graphics provides unlimited downloads of royalty free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, icons, textures..

Where they're located: Stockton, California, USA


29. SP-Studio

How much they make: $1.2K/year
Where they're located: Schöneck, Deutschland
How much did it cost to start: $150
Current team size: 0

I Built A Cartoon Creator Tool That Has Over 60K Unique Daily Users

This case study is about Janina, the founder of SP-Studio, a popular website with over 60,000 visitors per day that allows anyone to create unique cartoon characters for free without drawing skills, and how she built the website without focusing on generating revenue for many years.

Janina started SP-Studio over 21 years ago
Janina grew the business to $100/month
It cost Janina $150 to start the business
Read by 4,040 founders

30. 360Ground

A technology company with a focus on mobile app, mobile banking, website, ecommerce & software design & development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Where they're located: Mokyer, Southern Nations, Ethiopia


31. Aucoin Analytics, LLC

Oracom offers outstanding Web Design in Kenya - We are the best Web Design company in Kenya. From Website Builders, Software & Mobile App Development

How much they make: $166K/year
Where they're located: Washington D.C., DC, USA
How much did it cost to start: $25K
Current team size: 1


I Built A $10K/Month Online Community Where We Fight Fake News Stories

Aucoin Analytics, LLC is a private intelligence company that delivers highly specialized risk assessments and intelligence reports, while also offering a subscription-based private intelligence community that provides access to subject matter experts in government intelligence, with profits at $10,000/month.

Kervin started Aucoin Analytics, LLC about 5 years ago
Kervin grew the business to $13.8K/month
It cost Kervin $25000 to start the business
Read by 3,313 founders

32. Best Website Design company in Phoenix, Chandler, AZ- WebSenor LLC, USA

WebSenor LLC is one of the best website design in Chandler where creativity joins hands with the supremacy of high-end technology that reflects on the progress of our clients. We are a team of passionate, creative and result oriented professionals, aimed to deliver cutting-edge web design & web development services.

Where they're located: Chandler, Arizona, USA


33. Everest Agency

Everest Agency is a digital agency specializing in Custom Development, Branding & Design and Digital Marketing

Where they're located: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

34. The #1 Online Micro Jobs Website

The #1 Online Micro Jobs Website | Microjobs Online - The #1 Website For Micro Jobs Online! Perfect for Freelance Workers and Contractors Looking to Make Money and Get Paid For Their Skill Sets and Talents. Visit Damongo Today And Start Unleashing your Talent! - Damongo

Where they're located: Vallée du Bandama, Côte d'Ivoire


35. Logica

Logica is a Providence-based graphic design team specializing in brand identity, print design, and digital design.

Where they're located: Providence, Rhode Island, USA


36. Designful Inc

Elevate your business through perception-changing web design, digital marketing and SEO services. We've helped promote companies in Ottawa using revolutionary strategies that genuinely work.

Where they're located: Fremont, California, USA


37. Ashley Cameron

Ashley Cameron Design is a Freelance Graphic Designer & Front-end Developer based in West Des Moines, IA, USA. She has 7 years of agency experience combined with 4 years of freelance service and specializes in Logo Design & Branding, Print & Package Design, Digital Media, Website Design & Development with WordPress, Hand Lettering, Drawing, & Photography.

Where they're located: Des Moines, Iowa, USA


38. Graphic Design Services In Kenya

I'm a freelance graphic designer in Kenya who can help you with designing your website, logo, brochure, advert, catalog, poster, company stationery and more

Where they're located: Sare, Migori, Kenya


39. Chepri

Chepri is a Restaurant App Development Company that specializes in custom UI/UX design, web, mobile & kiosk software development.

Where they're located: Columbus, Ohio, USA


Cuba Gallery specializes in graphic design, photography and Lightroom presets. We regularly blog on the latest trends in imagery, branding, logos, business cards, editorial design layouts, templates and modern architecture. Be sure to check our free tutorials and downloads.

Where they're located: Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


41. M5 Design Studio

Orlando web design: M5 Design Studio is an Orlando Web Design company & digital creative agency specialized in WordPress websites, web design, web development, SEO, graphic design & branding. We are SEO & Digital Marketing experts in Orlando Florida.

Where they're located: Orlando, Florida, USA


43. Figma

Build better products as a team. Design, prototype, and gather feedback all in one place with Figma.

Where they're located: San Francisco, California, USA
Website traffic: 39M/month