44 Trending Game Development Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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A game development business involves creating and developing video games for various platforms such as PC, consoles, and mobile devices. This business involves a team of game designers, programmers, artists, and sound engineers working together to bring a game concept to life.

To start a game development business, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the game development process and be skilled in one or more areas, such as programming, art, or design. It is also essential to have strong business acumen and understand how to market and sell your games.

Some tips for running a successful game development business include:

  • Focus on a specific niche or genre of games to stand out in a crowded market.

  • Build a strong team of talented and passionate individuals who share your vision for the company.

  • Stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies in the gaming industry.

  • Build a strong online presence through social media and a website to market and sell your games.

  • Focus on building a loyal customer base by releasing regular updates and engaging with your community.

  • Don't be afraid to seek partnerships or sponsorships to help fund your projects.

  • Always be open to learning and improving your skills and processes to stay competitive.

Looking for some examples of a game development ?

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1. Overwolf

Overwolf is an open platform for building gaming apps for top PC games. Use simple HTML and JavaScript to build native desktop apps - installer, desktop icon, auto updates - the works! What would you build?

Where they're located: Anaheim, California, USA
Website traffic: 2.38M/month


2. The Business Strategy Game

Where they're located: Hirevo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Website traffic: 100K/month


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Other resources

4. Ais Technolabs

Top mobile app, games, and web development company in USA. Offers the best iPhone, Android apps, website design & dedicated developers for hire at $12/hr.


5. HacknPlan

Unify game design documentation and project management using the definitive tool for game production.

Website traffic: 220K/month


6. Kansas State University

Kansas State University embraces diversity, encourages engagement and is committed to improving the quality of life of those we serve through education, research and service.

Where they're located: Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Website traffic: 290K/month


7. Appknock

Get professional Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & game development services from one of the leading AR, VR and mobile game development company India, i.e., Appknock. Hire Now!


8. Zatun

Zatun offers game art outsourcing on game platforms like Console, PC, mobile, Tablets, VR and game development Unity3D and Unreal for PC, iOS, Android, VR - Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

How much they make: $300K/year
Where they're located: Ahmedabad
How much did it cost to start: $5K
Current team size: 25


How I Started A $25K/Month Video Games Development Company

An Indian video game development company, Zatun, founded in 2007, has collaborated on over 200 game titles with 300 clients, winning numerous awards and rave reviews globally and generating a monthly revenue of $25k, by focusing on innovation, experience, and customer retention.

Abhinav started Zatun almost 17 years ago
Abhinav grew the business to $25K/month
It cost Abhinav $5000 to start the business
Read by 5,039 founders

9. Game Connection

Game Connection is the international event where 1,500+ developers, publishers, distributors and service providers come to find new business partners.

Where they're located: San Francisco, California, USA


10. Zab Technologies

Zab Technologies offers Blockchain Development Services that helps to transform and digitize your cryptocurrency exchange business. Contact us for a free consultation now.

Where they're located: Memphis, Tennessee, USA


11. Carina Softlabs Inc.

Carina Softlabs is one of the leading game and software development companies. We provide custom software solutions from industry specialized developers.


12. High 5 Games

High 5 Games is the leading content creator for the land-based, online, and social gaming markets.


13. Purple Lamp Studios – Game Development

Purple Lamp is a new game development studio, founded by industry veterans to pursue their passion in PC and Console gaming. A love for community driven strategy, management and light RPG games unites a team that has spent many years working together.

Where they're located: Wagrain, Salzburg, Austria


14. Rogue Games, Inc.


15. Games-Career.com

Find your new games industry job on Games-Career.com. Exciting career opportunities in the computer and video games sector, and job requests posted free of charge!


16. Game Development Tools and Software


17. Mobile App & Game Development Company

Miracle Studio offers complete suite of services from mobile application development, Game app development to Web app development and design and much more.


18. Helix Center Biotech Incubator

Where they're located: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


19. Mobile App Development Company


20. FLOW is Good Business

Prof. Csikszentmihalyi has co-produced FLIGBY leadership simulation, teaching how to generate FLOW at the workplace. FLIGBY measures 29 managerial skills.


21. Video Game Lawyer

California game development attorney focusing on providing step-by-step, end-to-end legal solutions for video game and board game development projects.

Where they're located: Ninove, Flanders, Belgium


22. Simutronics Corp

Where they're located: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

23. Online business simulations for training, assessment and education

Simformer - online business simulation games for effective training, assessment and practical education of entrepreneurs, managers and students


24. About the SBDC Hispanic Satellite

Where they're located: San Jose, California, USA

25. Games for Business

Check out how the Games for Business learning platform has been applied to the different learning processes of international companies.

How much they make: $480K/year
Where they're located: Pécs, Magyarország
How much did it cost to start: $150K
Current team size: 15


How We Developed A $40K/Month Game-Based Learning Platform

Games for Business created a game-based learning platform for multinational organizations that doubled its revenue in the first three years and was recently acquired after landing deals on three continents.

Balázs started Games for Business over 8 years ago
Balázs grew the business to $40K/month
It cost Balázs $150000 to start the business
Read by 3,888 founders

26. LA Games Conference

Held in the iconic W Hollywood, LA Games Conference is a high end favorite among game, media and investment leaders for the high energy, focused environment for networking, meetings and deal-making. Topics include VR/AR/MR, eSports, Blockchain, Mobile, Global Markets and Hollywood & Games.


27. The Project Management Game

28. Online Collaboration Platform


29. Appeal Studios

Appeal Studios is a premier game development studio, located in Belgium, that’s brought together a team of veteran game developers. We bring games to life across a wide array of gaming platforms and we strive to make our games so memorable that gamers will talk about them decades later—like our 1999 cult classic Outcast.

Where they're located: Ninove, Flanders, Belgium


30. Simulation Studios

Business simulations for use within corporate training, leadership development, business acumen, strategic thinking, strategy acceleration, innovation and more.

Where they're located: Iceland


31. GameSim®

GameSim provides Products and Services for the Entertainment, Modeling & Simulation, and Geospatial Industries.

Where they're located: Anaheim, California, USA


32. DEGC

DEGC designs and implements innovative solutions that attract inclusive investment, create jobs, support neighborhoods, and advance Detroit’s economy.

Where they're located: Detroit, Michigan, USA


33. Evigames

<p> Best game development company that provides a polished gaming experience that your users can enjoy and immerse themselves into.</p>


34. GameFounders – GameFounders is The Global Games Accelerator

Where they're located: Koeru, Estonia


35. Digital Development Management

DDM delivers worldwide video game business expertise with a personal touch and a proven methodology on behalf of our clients.


36. Game-Consultant.com

Game Consultant; Reinout is a games investor and strategic business consultant specializing in the games industry. Strategy Consulting 24/7.


37. SimVenture

Business simulation & entrepreneurial learning solutions from the SimVenture team. For bright minds seeking advanced, authentic & engaging technology.


38. Six3six Studios LLC

Where they're located: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


39. E.I.Games

E.I. Games the Multi-Award winning online education platform teaching business skills with Emotional Intelligence skills.


40. Business Simulation Games from Business Smart International

41. The GameDev Business Handbook

How to build the business you'll build games with


42. Tummy Games

Where they're located: Novi Sad, Serbia
How much did it cost to start: $0
Current team size: 23


43. Stonemaier Games

How much they make: $20.7M/year
Where they're located: St. Louis, MO, USA
How much did it cost to start: $2.4K
Current team size: 4
Website traffic: 160K/month


How I Started A $40M-Revenue Business Creating Tabletop Games

How one founder turned a successful Kickstarter campaign into a $40 million tabletop game company with a focus on crafting a few special products each year and using social media to build community and relationships with customers.

Jamey started Stonemaier Games over 11 years ago
Jamey grew the business to $1.73M/month
It cost Jamey $2400 to start the business
Read by 12,295 founders