43 Trending Food Blog Businesses [2024]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
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Do you love educating people on the importance of keeping healthy food? Starting a food blog can be rewarding and fun.

A healthy food blog can focus on educating website visitors the importance of keeping it healthy food. Besides, you can share recipes for healthy eating and budget-friendly options with the reader. To start, you may hire someone to configure your website and content creator to share insightful information with the audience.

To increase blog interactions, share informative insights with your readers.

Looking for some examples of a food blog?

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1. Allrecipes

Find and share everyday cooking inspiration on Allrecipes. Discover recipes, cooks, videos, and how-tos based on the food you love.


2. Eater Nashville

Eater is the Food news and dining guides for Nashville. It is the go-to resource for food and restaurant obsessives with hundreds of episodes and articles, featuring exclusive access to dining in and around Nashville.

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website traffic: 100K/month


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4. Eater Philly

Eater Philly highlights some of the best resources for food and restaurants in Philadelphia. The website features the city’s latest food trends and restaurant openings.

Where they're located: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Website traffic: 180K/month


5. RecipeTin Eats

RecipeTin Eats is a food blog which focuses on fast prep with big flavors, with hundreds of quick and easy dinner recipes. The blog is owned by Negi who is a cook, photographer and videographer from Sydney, Australia.

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 15M/month


6. Pinch of Yum

A food blog with hundreds of simple, healthy recipes and food blogging resources for food photography and blog monetization.

Where they're located: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


7. Food Panda

Foodpanda is an online food and grocery delivery platform brand owned by Delivery Hero, which is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. It is a online food delivery marketplace that enables users to place orders at local restaurants via its website or mobile app.

Where they're located: Dighalia, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Website traffic: 610K/month


8. Fit Foodie Finds

Fit Foodie Finds is a blog devoted to healthy living where the blogger Lee, attempts to find balance in every day life. It is a female-run media company with a focus on real food and wellness.

Where they're located: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Website traffic: 1.82M/month


9. Omnivore's Cookbook

Omnivore’s Cookbook is virtual cookbook that shares an introduction to Chinese home cooking. Maggie Zhu writes about modern Chinese cooking, Asian inspired dishes, and classic recipes using a less labor-intensive approach.

Where they're located: Bangluo, Gansu, China
Website traffic: 1.33M/month


10. A Wandering Foodie

A Wandering Foodie is a recipe, travel and lifestyle blog which offers variety of subject ranging from Cambodian food recipes, travel experience around Asia and historically rich destinations.

Where they're located: Prasat Balangk, Kampong Thom, Cambodia


11. Food Republic

Food Republic explores the culture of food through stories, interviews, global conversations, and experiences. Food Republic was founded in 2010 by chef Marcus Samuelsson and the Samuelsson Group, and launched in April 2011 under the direction of Editorial Director Pinup Richard Martin.

Where they're located: Municipio Puerto Villarroel, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Website traffic: 810K/month


12. Carlsbad Cravings

Carlsbad Cravings is a food blog where you can find variety of recipes like Mexican, Italian, Asian or Greek. The blog is owned by Jen who lives in Carlsbad, California (north San Diego). Jen has shared over a thousand recipes that have reached over 140 million readers.

Where they're located: Buffalo, New York, USA
Website traffic: 850K/month


13. My Food Story

Indian food blog with healthy breakfast, dinner, dessert and drink recipes for the busy cook


14. WXII

WXII-TV, virtual channel 12, is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States and serving the Piedmont Triad region. WXII12.com is the top source for Piedmont-Triad breaking news, weather and daily local news coverage.

Where they're located: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
Website traffic: 1.49M/month



Foodbeast is a food and drink publication, influencer network, and experiential company headquartered in Santa Ana, California. It is a leading source for food news, information and entertainment. With history tracing back to 2008, Foodbeast has a goal of providing a clean display of current food trends, products and ground breaking recipes.

Where they're located: Skårup, Central Denmark Region, Denmark


16. China Sichuan Food

China Sichuan Food is a food blog that highlights traditional authentic Chinese food recipes. Elaine is the author, cook and photographer from China.

Where they're located: Bangluo, Gansu, China
Website traffic: 730K/month


17. Peas And Crayons

Peas and Crayons is a veggie-centric food blog that makes vegetables fun and delicious!

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or of the T-Rex variety, there’s something for everyone here. Recipes range from light and healthy to excitingly indulgent. Each dish is colorful, delicious, and totally Pinterest-worthy!

Where they're located: Buffalo, New York, USA


18. Not Quite Nigella

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia


19. Kinda Healthy Recipes

Kinda Healthy Recipes is a food blog created by Mason Woodruff, who creates recipes, guides, and resources for food-loving fitness enthusiasts.

How much they make: $312K/year
Where they're located: Austin, Texas
How much did it cost to start: $10K
Current team size: 1


How I Started A $15K/Month Food Blog For Fitness Enthusiasts

How one food blogger turned his passion into a business that brings in $15k-$20k per month through display advertising, affiliate marketing, and exclusive content, and doubled in revenue every year since going full time in 2018.

Mason started Kinda Healthy Recipes about 7 years ago
Mason grew the business to $26K/month
It cost Mason $10000 to start the business
Read by 11,803 founders

20. Table for Two® by Julie Chiou

Table for Two® is a food and travel blog based in Washington, D.C. that brings you quick and easy recipes for two (and sometimes more!) along with travel guides from their travels around the globe!

Where they're located: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Website traffic: 750K/month


21. WRBL

Where they're located: Columbus, Georgia, USA
Website traffic: 170K/month


22. My Colombian Recipes

Delicious and traditional Colombian and Latin food recipes, plus many other great tasting Italian and American food recipes. Enjoy!

Where they're located: Meta, Colombia
Website traffic: 320K/month

23. Noble Pig – A blog dedicated to delicious, homemade food, travel and lifestyle.

A blog dedicated to delicious, homemade food, travel and lifestyle.

Where they're located: Oceanside, California, USA
Website traffic: 320K/month


24. Chocolate & Zucchini

A French food blog written by a thirty-something Parisian, with a focus on fresh, colorful, seasonal recipes. Plus, Paris tips and recommendations!

Where they're located: Saint-Sulpice-les-Champs, New Aquitaine, France


25. Solluna by Kimberly Snyder

Own your true beauty and feel good with Solluna by Kimberly Snyder. View recipes, Podcasts Blogs, and more! Live a healthier life and have overall wellness.

Website traffic: 80K/month


26. Love Bakes Good Cakes

Love Bakes Good Cakes delivers delicious and simple family-friendly meals. Find everything from healthier recipes to over the top desserts!

Website traffic: 460K/month

27. 40 Aprons

Browse hundreds of healthy, family-friendly recipes that focus on flavor! Often vegetarian, keto, paleo, low carb, vegan, gluten free, there's something for everyone and every diet.

How much they make:
Website traffic: 930K/month


28. Authentic Food Quest

Experience local culture through food with Authentic Food Quest. In your kitchen or on your travels, savor the local flavors, connect through food.

Where they're located: Vicuña, Coquimbo Region, Chile


29. Life in a House

Life in a House covers everything for families from food, finances, health, travel, parenting, grandparenting and more to keep you on your game each day.

Where they're located: Richmond, Virginia, USA


30. Chefs Resources

Chefs Resources provides culinary information for Professional Chefs. A vast array of seafood profiles, kitchen management tools, food cost and inventory.

How much they make: $60K/year
Where they're located: Ferndale, WA, USA
How much did it cost to start: $50
Current team size: 1

I Built A Resource Site For Chefs Like Me That Generates $60K Of Extra Income

Chef David Buchanan generates over $6,000 per month through his website Chefs-Resources.com, which provides professional chefs with free and paid access to detailed culinary information and kitchen management resources such as Excel sheets, resulting in gross revenue of $46,000 to date and a subscriber growth rate of over 1300% from 2015 to September 2021.

David started Chefs Resources over 13 years ago
David grew the business to $5K/month
It cost David $50 to start the business
Read by 4,340 founders

31. Supermarket Perimeter

The only business-to-business publication covering the entire grocery fresh perimeter: deli/prepared foods, bakery, meat and poultry, fresh produce, dairy and seafood.

32. Crowded Kitchen

Crowded Kitchen is a food blog with hundreds of vegan recipes for every occasion. It was started in 2017 by Lexi and Beth, a mother-daughter team from Michigan.

How much they make: $204K/year
Where they're located: West Bloomfield Township, MI, USA
How much did it cost to start: $5K
Current team size: 3


How I Started A $17K/Month Food Blog And Recipe Development Business

How co-founders of Crowded Kitchen, a plant-based recipe website and creative content business, grew their social media following to nearly 200k and became a leader in the plant-based recipe space, while also offering photography and recipe development services to major food and beverage brands.

Lexi started Crowded Kitchen over 6 years ago
Lexi grew the business to $17K/month
It cost Lexi $5000 to start the business
Read by 6,561 founders

33. Frolic Hawaii

Frolic Hawaii's team of homegrown eaters, bloggers, photographers and editors covers Hawaii's food scene with passion and personality - seeking out what's delicious, new, exciting and hidden in Hawaii.

Where they're located: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


34. Donal Skehan

Donal Skehan is a food writer, photographer and television presenter living in Dublin, Ireland. Check out his collection of over 250 simple home cooked, recipes

Where they're located: Shinrone, Ireland
Website traffic: 150K/month


35. Tucson Foodie

Whether you're looking for Mexican, Thai, Korean, or sushi, coffee, cocktails, or cookies, Tucson Foodie is your number one source for the best restaurants in Tucson and the best food Tucson has to offer.

Where they're located: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Website traffic: 60K/month


36. Sprouted Kitchen

A food journal of approachable, health-focused recipes by award winning food writer Sara Forte.

Where they're located: El Paso, Texas, USA


37. Homesick Texan

Homesick Texan is a home cooking blog by seventh-generation Texan Lisa Fain dedicated to celebrating Texan home cooking through stories and recipes.

Where they're located: Garland, Texas, USA
Website traffic: 130K/month


38. Medellin Living

Medellin Living is a Colombia travel blog highlighting the local culture and nightlife, with travel and living tips for visitors and expats.

Where they're located: Meta, Colombia


39. Cake by Courtney

How much they make:
Where they're located: Highland, UT, USA
How much did it cost to start: $100
Current team size: 0
Website traffic: 110K/month


40. SheSimmers

Where they're located: Debub Region, Eritrea
Website traffic: 90K/month


41. Discover the Burgh

Discover the Burgh is a Pittsburgh city guide featuring nearly 1,000 of the best things to see, do, eat, and experience in southwest Pennsylvania.

Where they're located: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Website traffic: 100K/month


43. Against All Grain

Danielle Walker was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and made dietary changes to end her suffering. She started Against All Grain to help others not feel deprived and enjoy food again.

Where they're located: San Francisco, CA, USA
Website traffic: 80K/month