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  • 1


    Caterease is event management software to manage both clients and events. The software provides a single platform to store, organize and manage all the information related to your events.

    First Caterease DOS version was released in 1991. Caterease offers features such as event calendars, dashboards, real-time web leads, staff scheduling, menu costing, customizable fields and reporting.

    • Business rank: #399K

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  • 2

    Event Industry News

    Event Industry News (EIN) is an online magazine that provides the latest news, views and reviews of the events industry.

    Adam Parry and Paul Allott are the co-founders and editors of the event industry's global online magazine and is the director and co-founder.

    • Business rank: #525K

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  • 3

    Best Event Management Software

    Eventdex is an event management platform that provides a suite of products to enhance the experience of everyone at an event.

    Before creating Eventdex, its founders Durga and Raj were running IT services companies successfully. The software streamlines each step of event planning and execution, from registration, ticketing to websites, onsite engagement, to business matchmaking and analysis. Experience a platform that is designed to deliver high-quality events like no other!

    • Business rank: #805K

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  • 4

    Eventplanner is a cloud-based event vendor and venue listing platform provider.

    It offers a discovery platform for catering, event venues, rentals, decoration, stand building, entertainment, freelancers, sales, insurances, event agencies, marketing, security management, and event staff management.

    Kevin Straeten founded the company in the year 1998.

    • Business rank: #909K

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  • 5


    Evenesis, a cloud-based end-to-end event management software. Its top-notch conference management software offers a flawless online event management system.

    It is a Malaysian grown company founded in 2010, which now has presence in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

    The software is designed for corporate event planners, professional conference organizers, exhibition organizers, destination management companies, training companies and associations. It can be customized to any events and serve various clients around the world.

    • Business rank: #1.1M

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  • 6

    Grenadine Event Management So...

    Grenadine Events is a cloud-based event planning and management solution that helps users to organize conferences, events and meetings.

    Grenadine is a Montreal-based company that has developed Grenadine Event Planner, a specialized Event Management Software. Founded in 2010 by three friends who were accustomed to meeting at and helping organize sci-fi conventions around the world decided to develop a game-changing planner software.

    • Website traffic: 80K/month
    • Business rank: #1.11M

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  • 7

    Eventplanning is a resource for event planners and those interested in becoming event planners. They write about the fastest and most effective ways to become an event planner and grow your career.

    • Business rank: #1.33M

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  • 8


    Eventstant (formerly Viktorix) is an online guide to event planning and management to help you learn how to plan and execute memorable events. Eventstant brings you practical how-to's & guides from the pros to help you learn how to plan & manage events of all types - weddings, conferences & more.

    Their contributors range from professional event planners, to speakers, to event industry executives, and many others who are willing to share their expertise with the event planning community.

    • Business rank: #1.52M

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  • 9

    Welcome To Eventure

    Eventure is a full-service event planning company based in Montreal, Canada. Offers Catering, Bar, Sound, Lighting, Staffing, DΓ©cor and Design services.

    • Business rank: #1.7M

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  • 10

    Sugar and Spice Events

    Sugar and Spice Events is a Gold Coast event planners. Sugar & Spice Events have been spreading their brand throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Queensland for over ten years and have become synonymous with luxurious weddings, celebrations and children’s parties. They are experts at delivering corporate events and private parties that are streamlined and imaginative.

    They have also won the best wedding stylists award in Australia for four years in a row. Their wedding stylists are experts in planning luxury weddings throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

    • Business rank: #1.72M

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