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Looking for examples of successful electrician businesses?

We've put together a list of the most popular and famous electrician businesses in the world.

With each example, we show website rank, traffic data, and what their websites look like, so you can be inspired for your own business.

Here's the list:

  • 1

    Electrical Safety First

    Electrical Safety First is UK’s leading charity on electrical safety. Their mission is to make sure that everyone in the UK can use electricity safely, and regularly work with the media, government, businesses and electrical industry to spread their messages far and wide.

    • Website traffic: 380K/month
    • Business rank: #141K

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  • 2

    Electrician Talk is now owned by VerticalScope and was started by a group of enthusiasts that shared a common passion for Electricians. Over the years, the site has grown, and today has over 75,100 members.

    • Website traffic: 390K/month
    • Business rank: #154K

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  • 3


    • Website traffic: 780K/month
    • Business rank: #158K

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  • 4

    Platinum Electricians

    Platinum was started by 22 year old Joshua Nicholls in December 2001. Fast forward to today and Platinum now has over 160 vans on the road Australia wide, employing over 350 employees.

    • Website traffic: 60K/month
    • Business rank: #383K

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  • 5

    Mister Sparky

    Mister Sparky provides their customers with the peace of mind that comes from real trust and confidence. They have highly trained, exceptionally skilled, licensed and insured technicians.

    • Website traffic: 80K/month
    • Business rank: #412K

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  • 6

    Entergy Louisiana

    With providing natural gas service to approximately 94,000 customers, Entergy Louisiana, LLC serves approximately 1.1 million electric customers in 58 parishes. Entergy companies employ about 4,500 people in Louisiana, and approximately 2,200 Entergy retirees also reside there.

    • Website traffic: 120K/month
    • Business rank: #527K

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  • 7

    Gold Coast Electrician

    The business is owned by electrician Dean Kenway. They offer excellence in electrical air conditioning and solar services to customers all across the Gold Coast & Northern NSW. Their team is comprised of professionals with great experience.

    • Business rank: #670K

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  • 8

    How to Become an Electrician

    From our basic lighting and electrical utility needs to the mega-watt commercial and industrial electrical wiring applications that keep businesses, hospitals, schools, and data centers humming, electricians are indispensable to life in the modern world. This is the underlying factor that explains why professionals in the electrical trade now earn salaries as high as $96,580, … Read More

    • Website traffic: 30K/month
    • Business rank: #768K

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  • 9


    ECASA has represented South African electrical contractors since 1948 and is the most influential members’ association for electrical contractors in South Africa. They have a membership network of around 4 000 electrical contractors, which employs around 75% of the workforce.

    • Business rank: #1.11M

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  • 10


    NECA - the National Electrical and Communications Association, is the leading industry body showing the interests of the electrical and communications contracting industry across Australia.

    • Business rank: #1.16M

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