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5 Trending Ear Piercing Kiosk Businesses to Watch in 2022

Looking for examples of successful ear piercing kiosk businesses?

We've put together a list of the most popular and famous ear piercing kiosk businesses in the world.

With each example, we show website rank, traffic data, and what their websites look like, so you can be inspired for your own business.

Here's the list:

  • 1

    Essential Beauty

    Welcome to Essential Beauty | All salons in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New Sales Wales are open. Book Online Today Home to waxing and the Brazilian XXX waxing, Piercing, Laser & IPL Hair removal, Dalton Skincare, Microderms, Spray tanning and more

    • Website traffic: 100K/month
    • Business rank: #668K

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  • 2


    Established in 2002 PierceOff is Australia's oldest and most trusted online body jewellery store. We stock a huge range of jewellery for a variety of piercing applications.

    • Website traffic: 50K/month
    • Business rank: #1.45M

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  • 3

    Pierced n Proud

    Pierced N Proud Body Jewellery, Australia's Largest Online Body Jewellery Supplier. Belly, Tongue, Nose, Lip, Ear, Tragus, Helix, Industrial, Labret, Earrings, Piercings, Rings, Studs, Bars from just $1.99

    • Business rank: #3.43M

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  • 4


    Located in the heart of Mission District, Mission Ink Tattoo, Piercing & Permanent Makeup Studio is the place to satisfy your craving for body art. ​We have a team of fun, artistic and very talented artists.

    • Business rank: #4.2M

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  • 5

    Piercing Experience

    Atlanta's body piercing experts since 1992, offering a full range services. We also carry a quality body jewelry for both new and healed piercings.

    • Business rank: #5.05M

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