37 Trending Digital Wallet App Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
Create A Digital Wallet App

A digital wallet is a financial transaction application that runs on mobile devices. In today’s digital era, people demand the freedom to purchase anything and be able to pay from their digital wallets.

With technological advancement, making digital payments has become easier than ever before. Anyone can use mobile payment platforms to pay and accept payments online. Therefore, creating a digital payments wallet can be a great business opportunity.

To create a digital wallet, conduct extensive market research and create a business plan. It would help if you could hire competent programmers to create a secure payment gateway.

Looking for some examples of a digital wallet app?

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1. MetaMask

A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps

Website traffic: 4.69M/month


2. Digital Wallet

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website traffic: 1.61M/month


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4. Coins.ph

Coins.ph is the most convenient mobile wallet for Filipinos to buy load, make online payments, and trade digital currencies. Approved and regulated by the BSP.

Website traffic: 2.15M/month


5. Exodus

Manage & exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and more. Secure & easy to use crypto wallet with 100+ assets and counting. Available on desktop and mobile.

Website traffic: 3.95M/month


6. Theta Token

Website traffic: 1.31M/month

7. Xapo

Website traffic: 210K/month


8. iCard

Tap & Pay with your phone. Send money instantly and for free. Shop safely online with Virtual iCards. Cut cost on SEPA & SWIFT transfers. Surprise a loved one with e-GiftCards and more.

How much they make: $18M/year
Where they're located: Varna, Varna, Bulgaria
Current team size: 200
Website traffic: 370K/month


How We Launched A $1.5MM/Month Digital Wallet and Financial Services Company

iCard is a leading e-money institution that offers a unique and 100% digital bank account alternative, with their app and services supporting the daily payments of people in over 30 European countries, and since launch in late 2017, the iCard app has seen around 500,000 downloads.

Yavor started iCard almost 16 years ago
Yavor grew the business to $1.5M/month
Read by 10,181 founders

9. Khalti

Website traffic: 240K/month

10. ZenGo

ZenGo is the first keyless bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet — the most simple and secure way to manage your crypto assets.

Where they're located: Tel Aviv, Israel
Current team size: 35
Website traffic: 220K/month

11. ClassWallet

ClassWallet: Better Oversight. No Paperwork. Awesome Culture. Empower education agencies to achieve the highest levels of productivity

Website traffic: 120K/month


12. Digital Transactions

Website traffic: 80K/month

13. Digital Finance Solutions, ewallet Payment System, Wallet App Development

Digipay is a leading mobile finance solution with various modules such as digital wallet solution, agency banking, microfinance, remittance, bill payment, reward program, and cryptocurrency.

14. Novi

The Novi wallet app is built on blockchain technology to enable people to move Diem, a borderless cryptocurrency, freely, securely and affordably.

Website traffic: 70K/month


15. Divi

16. HyperPay Wallet

The HyperPay Wallet is an easy-to-use and secure crypto wallet that makes it easy for you to buy, store, receive and transfer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

17. DigitalNote

DigitalNote XDN Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid blockchain, instant transactions and highly secure encrypted messaging features at its core.

18. Omniwallet™


19. DiWallet

Cryptocash is Professional Creative Template


20. payit wallet

Shop, dine and pay. Send money Anywhere. All in one wallet. With payit mobile wallet you can pay at restaurants, shops, pay bills, send and receive money from friends anywhere in the UAE.


YOUR MONEY. YOUR WAY. You’re in the drivers seat. It’s a better way to manage your money, period. GET IT NOW – IT’S FREE Features


22. MeaWallet – Experts in EMV Tokenization and digital payments


23. LA Wallet

The Official Digital Driver's License for the State of Louisiana approved by the legislature and accepted by state police.


24. Uhuru

A WhatsApp based digital wallet for Southern Africa


25. Trriple mWallet App – Secure & Easy Mobile Payment Solution

Trriple mWallet, best mobile payment solution app enables you to send & receive cashless payments, money transfer, foreign remittance from your mobile and more.


26. Emirates Digital Wallet – Where will Emirates Digital Wallet be available? … What are the features of Emirates Digital Wallet? … How do people sign up to Emirates Digital Wallet?

Just another WordPress site


27. Saco

App Landing Page


28. AYAPAY DIGITAL WALLET – Empowered by AYA Bank

29. Digital Wallet Solution

30. esusu.me


31. My Coin Information

32. Emirates Digital Wallet

33. Digital Wallet Recovery – #1 Trusted Crypto Experts


34. Welcome to Digital Wallet Pay

35. Digital Pay Wallet

36. Finvault

How much they make: $2.64M/year
Where they're located: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
How much did it cost to start: $700K
Current team size: 13


On Disrupting Fintech & Building A $2.6M/Year Digital Wallet

Finvault co-founder Punit Thakker discusses the digital wallet's mission to financially connect users worldwide by providing one platform to manage all bank and crypto accounts; the platform is due to launch with initial features, including a crypto exchange, and is projected to achieve a customer acquisition cost of $10.75 and lifetime value of $4,800 based on a two-year lifecycle assumption.

Punit started Finvault almost 3 years ago
Punit grew the business to $220K/month
It cost Punit $700000 to start the business
Read by 2,406 founders