5 Corn Kiosk Success Stories [2023]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
Start A Corn Kiosk

Corn kiosks are compact and convenient kiosks that feature a built-in cup holder for convenience. The corn kiosk operator makes sweet corn and sell’s it to local customers. Some corn kiosks have popcorn machines.

To start a corn kiosk, find a street or a mall with high traffic of people who will be your potential customers. Take note of any detail you may encounter while preparing your corn kiosk.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a corn kiosk:

Learn more about starting a corn kiosk:

Where to start?

-> How much does it cost to start a corn kiosk?
-> Pros and cons of a corn kiosk

Need inspiration?

-> Examples of established corn kiosk

Other resources

3. California Nuggets, Inc.

California Nuggets, Inc. corn nuggets features crunchy roasted toasted corn nuggets snacks (some people like to call them corn nuts) and more!

  • Business rank: #3.78M

Check out their full website ➜

4. Craft Corn

Craft Corn is a San Diego based, gourmet, small batch, kettle corn company who produces elegant popcorn with home made flavors and high quality ingredients.

  • Business rank: #4.11M

Check out their full website ➜

5. KingKorn Gourmet Popcorn

Enjoy KingKorn's fresh-popped gourmet popcorn in several delicious flavors. Learn about our special offers including popcorn for Corporate Events, Decorative Tins, and Custom Gifts! Flavored Popcorn is the Perfect Gift.

  • Business rank: #7.43M

Check out their full website ➜

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