34 Trending Budget App Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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1. Intuit

See how the power of Intuit Giants can work for you by joining the over ~50 million people already using TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint to power their financial prosperity.

Where they're located: Los Angeles, California, USA
Website traffic: 113M/month


2. You Need A Budget

You Need a Budget combines easy software with Four Simple Rules to help you quickly gain control of your money, get out of debt, and save more money faster!

Website traffic: 6.54M/month


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4. Wallet by BudgetBakers

Join more than 2.500.000 users and get your new personal finance manager. Get The Bigger Picture ✅ Know How You Spend ✅ Save to Achieve Goals ✅

Website traffic: 660K/month


5. ClearCheckbook Money Management

ClearCheckbook is an extremely easy to use online checkbook register and money management tool. Balance your checkbook, view spending reports, set a budget, track your bills and more.

How much they make: $198K/year
Where they're located: Santa Fe, NM, USA
How much did it cost to start: $15
Current team size: 1


I Launched A $16.5K/Month Budgeting App [With Just $15]

ClearCheckbook is a profitable financial management and budgeting tool, attracting customers who want to manage their finances effectively, and has achieved continued growth year over year, bringing in about $18,000USD per month.

Brandon started ClearCheckbook Money Management almost 18 years ago
Brandon grew the business to $16.5K/month
It cost Brandon $15 to start the business
Read by 2,567 founders

6. Spendee

Manage all your money with ease from one place with Spendee. Track your income and expenses, analyze your financial habits and stick to your budgets. Get Spendee now!


7. Digit

Website traffic: 340K/month


8. Budget Your Trip

Estimate, plan and track your travel expenses with Budget Your Trip's travel tools and widgets.

Where they're located: Raleigh, NC, USA
How much did it cost to start: $50
Current team size: 2
Website traffic: 550K/month

9. Emma

10. Meal Planning Made Simple

Easy-to-use meal planning app making eating healthy home cooked meals easier with weekly recipes, shopping list and smart shopping options.

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website traffic: 200K/month


11. Mvelopes

Achieve financial peace of mind with a simple, affordable, best envelope budgeting program. Improve your financial future with the best budget tracking app.

Website traffic: 130K/month

12. Goodbudget

Personal and household budgeting system for the Web, Android and iPhone. Keep track of money to spend, save, and give toward what's important in life.

Website traffic: 410K/month

13. PocketGuard

PocketGuard categorizes and organizes your expenses, monthly bills and subscriptions into clear, beautiful tabs and graphs, so you will always be on top of your finances.

Website traffic: 60K/month


14. Best Expense Tracker app & Personal Budget Software

Take control of your personal finances. Create monthly budgets and know where your money goes. Make your dreams come true with the best expense tracker.

Website traffic: 110K/month

15. Free Personal Finance Software for Budget planning & Money Management

BudgetPulse is a free online budget planning & finance software. Helps you in personal finance management, budget planning and forecasting.


16. Dev Courses


17. Pennies for iPhone

18. Best Money Management Apps

TimelyBills best personal finance & money manager app for Android & iPhone. Save more with smart budgeting and bill organizing. Get our FREE money manager.

Website traffic: 100K/month

19. iSaveMoney


20. Lunch Money | Delightfully simple personal finance & budgeting

Lunch Money is a budgeting app with multi currency & cryptocurrency support for the modern day spender. Meet your biggest cheerleader in personal finances!

How much they make:
Website traffic: 70K/month


21. Weekly

Weekly is a beautiful budgeting app based on a week. Know what you can safely spend. Download transactions automatically to stay updated.


22. Qube Money

23. Buckets

Buckets is a private, personal finance app for family budgeting. Track expenses, make savings goals, get out of debt all from the privacy of your own computer.


24. Budget helper

Easy accounting. Sync with cloud spreadsheets. Multiuser mode.


25. Toshl Finance

26. Pocketbook

27. Online Budget Software for Web, Android, iPhone: Easy Envelope Budget Aid

28. Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC

29. Fast Budget

Manage your personal finances and easily track your money, expenses and budget

30. TravelSpend

An app to track your spending while traveling the world. It's perfect for you if you are planning your next trip or are already on vacation. If you travel in a group you can share expenses with friends and family to see “who owes who.”

31. Go Budget

Track spending, stay on top of bills, sync your budget with your family. Go Budget is a manual budgeting tool that automates where it can and makes everything else as simple as possible.

32. Buxfer

Online money management software for tracking expenses, budgets, bill reminders, investments, forecasting, financial planning & more. Join millions of users taking control of their financial future.

How much they make: $600K/year
Where they're located: Santa Clara, CA, USA
How much did it cost to start: $50K
Current team size: 5
Website traffic: 140K/month

I Left My Job At Facebook To Go Full-Time On My Budgeting App [$600K/Year]

Bootstrapped budgeting app Buxfer, founded by Shashank Pandit, has grown organically to profitability with a 15-person team and $0 spent on marketing, targeting niche "finance power users" with strong connections to banks all over the world.

Shashank started Buxfer over 17 years ago
Shashank grew the business to $50K/month
It cost Shashank $50000 to start the business
Read by 3,798 founders

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