34 Trending Battery Recycling Businesses [2024]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
Start A Battery Recycling Business

The battery recycling business reprocesses spent lithium-ion batteries into new cells. The procedure aims to reduce the number of batteries disposed of as municipal solid waste by separating them and reusing them to create new cells.

The global market for battery recycling is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.12% to reach $18 billion in the next few years.

Therefore, starting own direct battery recycling business can be profitable. Direct battery recycling is said to be cleaner and more efficient. To start your battery recycling business, write a business plan that indicates your old-battery collection approach.

Then, register the business with the states where you intend to operate. Finally, determine the type of batteries you want to recycle and identify the target market.

Looking for some examples of a battery recycling business?

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1. American Battery Technology Company

ABTC is a company that is meeting the soaring global demand for lithium-ion battery technology with a USA-made complete lifecycle approach.

2. Battery Systems

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4. Battery Solutions

Where to recycle batteries? Battery Solutions is the leader in battery recycling management in North America and meets all your recycling needs. Start recycling now!

How much they make:
Current team size: 50

5. Call2Recycle

6. Valpak

Whether a businesses goals are to achieve legal compliance, maximise cost savings or improve environmental performance, Valpak can offer a perfect solution.

7. European Battery Alliance

8. Battery Suppliers

We're a team of honest, humble and hungry people obsessed with providing the best stored & renewable energy solutions. We're excessively curious, passionately Canadian & relentlessly supportive. Looking for the best options for renewable energy, energy storage, batteries, mobile power or back up power? We have them.

9. eWaste U.S. Electronic Recycling

Electronics Recycling Los Angeles (818) 465-5381 eWaste U.S. offers Computer recycling, Hard drive shredding, E-waste Drop off 7341 Fulton Ave, North Hollywood CA 91605 E-Waste Removal & Recycling

10. Cleanlites Recycling Centers

Cleanlites Recycling Centers are capable of assisting businesses and consumers alike with safe, trustworthy recycling services for many waste streams.

11. Australian Battery Recycling Initiative

12. All Batteries

Battery Business for all your battery needs. Car batteries, motorcycle batteries, marine batteries, deep cycle batteries, battery chargers, laptop batteries, dual battery systems, agm batteries, battery boxes. Old fashioned service with Low Low Prices


13. Northern Battery

Your Midwest Battery specialists since 1971!

How much they make:
Current team size: 10

14. Waste & Recycling Middle East

Waste & Recycling Middle East & Africa | The Waste and Recycling Middle East and Africa is the only magazine in the region to cover all issues related to waste management, collection, hauling and disposal, recycling, composting, processing, incinerating and waste-to-energy.

15. Recycle USA, Inc.

16. ♻️ Chicago Electronics Recycling

E-WASTE Solutions Provide Electronics Recycling ♻️, Hard Drive Destruction, IT Asset Recovery ♻️, Ink & Toner Recycling Services in Chicago

17. eAsset Solutions Computer and Electronics Recycling

eAsset Solutions offers electronic waste pickup and recycling services for DC Area businesses, schools and government organizations.

18. Complete Electronics Recycling

19. Electrical Waste

20. eLot Recycling Inc. |

21. Collect and Recycle

We provide businesses a hassle-free way to recycle waste. This includes hazardous waste disposal, electrical waste, cardboard, paper & much more.

22. ReLiB – Sustainable Management of Lithium-ion Batteries


23. XProEM Ltd.

XProEM's proprietary Solid State Subtractive Metallurgy (S3M) process provides a unique and sustainable solution to tackle the imminent problem of recycling spent electric vehicle (EV) lithium ion batteries (LIBs).

24. BatRec – BatRec – Battery Recycling

25. Maya Recycling

26. Scrappys Battery Recycling

Scrappys Battery Recycling provides services to customers looking for batter disposal or removal services in Melbourne's western suburbs. Don't just let an unsafe battery lie around when Scrappys Battery Recycling can put money into your bank account today.

27. Butler County Ohio Recycling and Solid Waste District

28. Squarespace

29. Lead Battery Scrap, Recycling Directory

30. Eco-Battery Inc – Critical Power for Critical Times

31. Retrievtechnologies

For over 25 years, we, Retriev Technologies, have built our reputation as global leaders in battery recycling and management. Today, as one of the most knowledgeable and diverse battery recycling companies in the world, we’re moving forward to meet the growing demand for custom recycling solutions.

32. Home

A Recycling Center pays you for your recycled items and prides themselves on their great customer service.

34. Batteries Plus

Find the right battery, light bulb, charger or repair for your phone or tablet. Batteries Plus Bulbs - Trust The Plus®

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