73 Trending Author Businesses [2024]

Updated: December 8th, 2023
Become An Author

Becoming an author is an exciting journey that involves creating and publishing written works, such as books, novels, or articles that reflect one’s ideas, stories, or expertise.

You can establish yourself through traditional publishing routes or self-publishing, utilizing your literary skills to connect with readers and potentially earn revenue from book sales.

Traditional publishing involves submitting a manuscript to a publishing house or literary agent who will review and decide if it is suitable for publication.

On the other hand, self-publishing gives authors complete control over the publishing process, allowing them to publish their work independently and market it on their own.

You can generate income through book sales, royalties, and opportunities such as speaking engagements or workshops.

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1. Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Fiction is an online catalog of authors and books for fiction readers. There are many more potential favorites out there publishing just your sort of books and FF can help you find them.

Where they're located: Kärsämäki, Finland
Website traffic: 3.08M/month


2. Biblio.com

Created in 2005, Biblio is privileged to be part of a global community of book lovers, and they’re committed to fostering its growth. Here you can get rare books as well as information on bookstores.

Where they're located: Bakersfield, California, USA
Website traffic: 1.46M/month


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4. Books-A-Million

Books-A-Million was founded in 1917 and since then they have grown to become the premier book retailing chain in the Southeastern United States, and the second largest book retailer in the nation

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website traffic: 3.03M/month


5. Dymocks

Dymocks has been assisting Australians with tracking down the ideal books and presents for more than 142 years. They have 55 stores in open retail stores across Australia where clients can purchase books, writing material, games, toys and homewares with the assistance of their learned and experienced group

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 870K/month


6. Strand Book Store

Today, the Strand continues 2.5 million preloved, new, and uncommon books, covering themes as far-going as mysterious to reasoning to back. The store likewise offers a steadily changing cluster of abstract gifts and products from Moleskines to espresso cups, and everything in the middle.

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA
Website traffic: 150K/month


7. QBD Books

Founded in the late 1800's, QBD Books is Australia's largest Australian owned and operated book retailer. Since 2016 the company has expanded from a network of 54 to 76 stores located in major shopping centers in every Australian state, with more on the way. They give people an opportunity to explore over 2 million books at affordable prices everyday.

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 320K/month


8. Esther Perel

Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel is the New York Times top of the line creator of The State of Affairs and Mating in Captivity. Her observed TED talks have collected in excess of 20 million perspectives and she is likewise the host of the well known webcast Where Should We Begin?

Where they're located: Ninove, Flanders, Belgium
Website traffic: 200K/month


9. Mimosa Books & Gifts

Mimosa's mission is to help you connect to your spirituality with a collection of spiritual tools ranging from healing crystals and essential oils, to tarot and oracle cards, incense and candles, books, and more. They assist you embrace the mystery and excitement of discovering your soul path.

Where they're located: Madison, Wisconsin, USA


10. Stephen King

Stephen Edwin King is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels and this website provides an extensive range of information about his work

Where they're located: ميرنكني, Anjouan, Comoros
Website traffic: 230K/month


11. Access denied

Where they're located: Livade, Croatia
Website traffic: 310K/month


12. Miami-Dade Public Library System

Miami-Dade Public Library System provides extraordinary services, spaces and experiences that promote literacy and learning, personal growth and limitless opportunities.

Where they're located: Miami, Florida, USA
Website traffic: 270K/month


13. KJZZ

KJZZ is the Valley's source for award-winning public radio news and entertainment programming. KJZZ serves up local and national news during the day, jazz at night, and unique entertainment programming on the weekend. Listen to KJZZ in Phoenix at 91.5 FM and in HD or from anywhere online at kjzz.org.

Where they're located: Mesa, Arizona, USA
Website traffic: 280K/month

14. Read Any Book

ReadAnyBook.com – best resource for reading books. Browse your favourite books and read them free in our e-reader. Best fiction books are always available here - the largest online library. Add your books to our library.

Website traffic: 400K/month


15. Wisconsin Writers Association

Wisconsin Writers Association started serving the imaginative necessities of Wisconsin scholars in 1948 and is enlisted with the State of Wisconsin as a non-benefit association. WWA's Board of Directors and part chips in cooperate to give their time, energy, and thoughts to make all the difference for WWA.

Where they're located: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


16. ArtBusiness.com

Artbusiness.com is a one-stop-shop for artists and collectors who are in any way connected to Art or Paintings. It consults you in buying, selling, donating, and collecting art pieces. AT their website, they have a great collection of articles to guide people in buying and selling their artworks.

Where they're located: San Francisco, California, USA
How much did it cost to start: $1K
Current team size: 1
Website traffic: 130K/month

17. Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative

The official online resource for HCPLC, the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative.

Where they're located: Tampa, Florida, USA
Website traffic: 270K/month


18. Home

Find all of the info you need on the Chula Vista Elementary School District, where we provide your child with the best educational experience possible.

Where they're located: Chula Vista, California, USA
Website traffic: 630K/month


19. Diwan

Diwan is directed by energy for knowledge, a craving to learn through experimentation, enthusiasm for different societies, adoration for recreation and experience, an appreciation for health, and excitement to interface with all feelings. Their methodology is to enhance their customers' lives by changing the demonstration of "purchasing a book" into a social, creative, and culinary experience, and offering them an outwardly engaging and loosening up vibe each time they venture into their stores.

Where they're located: New Valley Governorate, Egypt


20. Des Moines Public Library

Where they're located: Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Website traffic: 80K/month


21. BelarusFeed

News from Belarus in English

Where they're located: Языльский сельский Совет, Minsk Region, Belarus


22. A Haven For Readers & Writers

Where they're located: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


23. Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Where they're located: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Website traffic: 130K/month


24. Books4School

The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled stores is based on PHP5 with SQL database with highly configurable implementation based on templates

Where they're located: Madison, Wisconsin, USA


25. unknown site

Where they're located: Dighalia, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

26. The Source Dispensary

High-quality cannabis and experienced staff and service for recreational users and medical marijuana patients. Pick-up, Delivery & Rewards available.

Where they're located: Henderson, Nevada, USA
Website traffic: 140K/month


27. Home

Where they're located: San Bernardino, California, USA


28. Dr. Gabor Maté

Renowned addiction expert, speaker author Dr. Gabor Maté is sought after for his expertise on trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development.

Where they're located: Ogooué-Lolo, Gabon


29. Prince Books

Where they're located: Norfolk, Virginia, USA

30. Florida Authors & Publishers Association

FAPA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that is dedicated to providing information, resources, and professional development about publishing.

Where they're located: Tampa, Florida, USA


31. 403

Where they're located: Gilbert, Arizona, USA


32. City of Des Moines, IA

The official website for the City of Des Moines, serving more than 217,000 residents and 51 neighborhoods in Iowa's capital city.

Where they're located: Des Moines, Iowa, USA


33. University of Pittsburgh Press

The University of Pittsburgh Press is a publisher with distinguished lists in a wide range of scholarly and cultural fields. We publish books for general readers, scholars, and students.

Where they're located: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


34. Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority – THEA

Where they're located: Tampa, Florida, USA


35. Subterranean Books

Where they're located: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

36. Revolution Books

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA


37. Left Bank Books

Where they're located: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
Website traffic: 30K/month

38. Mereb.shop

Online Shopping for Ethiopian Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Music, Song, Mezmure, Movies, Films, Gift, Food & more

Where they're located: Mokyer, Southern Nations, Ethiopia


39. Home

Welcome to the City of Laredo website.  Here you can find information on anything related to Laredo. 

Where they're located: Laredo, Texas, USA
Website traffic: 520K/month


40. KNEC| KASNEB| KISM| Ebooks Kenya

Study and Revision materials for schools in Kenya. KNEC certificates, KNEC Diplomas, KNEC Higher Diplomas, KISM CPSP-K notes, APSK notes KASNEB notes, CPA

Where they're located: Sare, Migori, Kenya


41. Scribe Media

Scribe Media (formerly Book in a Box), has made it easier than ever for thought leaders to turn their ideas into a professionally published book.

How much they make: $15.6M/year
Where they're located: Austin, Texas, USA
Current team size: 51


How We Started A $1.3M/Month Book Writing, Publishing And Marketing Service

4x New York Times Bestselling Author Tucker Max co-founded Scribe Media in 2014, a book writing, publishing, and marketing service that has worked with over 1,500 authors and generates over $1.3 million a month, with a range of services priced between $10k-$100k+.

Tucker started Scribe Media over 9 years ago
Tucker grew the business to $1.3M/month
Read by 8,134 founders

42. Dean Bokhari

Dean Bokhari | Personal Development blog, podcast, and official homepage of Dean Bokhari - writer, speaker, philanthropist, and founder of FlashBooks Book Summaries.

How much they make: $1.44M/year
Where they're located: Irvine, CA, USA
How much did it cost to start: $5K
Current team size: 17
Website traffic: 170K/month


How I Started A $100K/Month Membership Platform Focused On Self-Improvement

Founder Dean Bokhari shares how he launched a membership platform focused on self-improvement, generating over $100,000 per month in revenue, attracting customers via high-quality content, guest blogging and Facebook ads, with plans to grow to $1,000,000 per month over the next 3-5 years.

Dean started Dean Bokhari about 3 years ago
Dean grew the business to $120K/month
It cost Dean $5000 to start the business
Read by 7,338 founders

43. Entrepreneur's Handbook

How to succeed in entrepreneurship; feat. founder stories, design articles, and startup deep dives that inspire your entrepreneurial journey.

Where they're located: Bel Air, MD, USA
How much did it cost to start: $0
Current team size: 0
Website traffic: 730K/month


How I Grew My Medium Publication to 70,000 Followers

Entrepreneur's Handbook is a successful Medium publication with over 68,000 followers, and founder Dave Schools has generated revenue through branded partnerships, advertorials, and members-only content.

Dave started Entrepreneur's Handbook over 9 years ago
Dave grew the business to $/month
Read by 5,245 founders

44. Advantage Media

Grow your business as the authority in your field. Over 1000 CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the globe use us to help them grow.

How much they make: $18M/year
Where they're located: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Current team size: 81


How I Started A $1.5M/Month Publishing And Marketing Company

Adam Witty started Advantage|ForbesBooks, one of America's largest business book publishers with sales over $1.5 million per month, which offers pain-free book creation and specializes in Authority Marketing™ for entrepreneurs and business leaders, achieving seven out of the past eight years in the Inc. 5000 list of America's most rapidly growing private companies, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today, amongst others, growing his business through customer referrals, speaking, and advertising both online and offline.

Adam started Advantage Media over 18 years ago
Adam grew the business to $1.5M/month
Read by 7,730 founders

45. Jessica Livingston

Where they're located: Cambridge, MA, USA


46. Julie Solomon

A Marketing Blog and Resource for Creative Entrepreneurs and Influencers. Build your Brand and Grow your Business with New York Times Best Selling publicist Julie Solomon. She covers branding, pitching, networking, influence, social media and marketing.

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, United States


47. The Bootstrapped Founder

How to start, run and sell a bootstrapped SaaS company without burning out.

How much they make:
Where they're located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website traffic: 40K/month

48. Sarah Lacy

Amazon.in: Online Shopping India - Buy mobiles, laptops, cameras, books, watches, apparel, shoes and e-Gift Cards. Free Shipping & Cash on Delivery Available.

Where they're located: San Francisco, CA, USA
Current team size: 0

49. Munkschool

Welcome to the Munk School Learn more about our master's degree programs Explore Degree Programs Centres, Labs and Initiatives Get in touch with us We bring together people who are passionate about addressing complex challenges.


50. Gabby Bernstein

Become the happiest person you know

Website traffic: 320K/month


51. Jenna Kutcher

I’m an expert at online marketing, a nerd when it comes to the numbers, and my obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what they love.

Website traffic: 60K/month


52. Graham Cochrane

How much they make:
Where they're located: Tampa, FL, USA


53. Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a New York Times best seller, entrepreneur & investor. Dean uses his platform to provide training & education in business, life & overall success. Click here to join our next course!


54. The art of non-conformity

Where they're located: Portland, Oregon, United States


55. PassiveInvesting

How much they make:
Where they're located: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Current team size: 29


56. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Bestselling author, Ramit Sethi, featured in ABC News, CNN, and the WSJ, has taught thousands to manage their personal finances and how to become rich.

Where they're located: New York, New York, United States


58. James Clear

James Clear is an author, entrepreneur, and photographer in 25+ countries. JamesClear.com is the home of his writing and work.



Tony Robbins – the nation’s top life and business strategist. Embrace life coaching sessions from a world authority on leadership psychology today!

Where they're located: Kannavia, Cyprus
Website traffic: 1.25M/month


60. First Round Capital

First Round is a seed-stage venture firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs and companies.

How much they make:
Where they're located: San Francisco, CA, USA
Current team size: 372
Website traffic: 340K/month


61. Bisnow

Commercial real estate news, live events and education.

Where they're located: Richmond, Virginia, USA
Website traffic: 550K/month


62. Seth's Blog

Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect

Website traffic: 570K/month


63. Entre Institute

Building The Complete Entrepreneur

How much they make:
Website traffic: 270K/month

64. Brené Brown

Researcher. Storyteller. Texan. Courage is contagious. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.

Where they're located: Tacoma, Washington, United States
Website traffic: 500K/month


65. Nir and Far

Nir Eyal is a best-selling author on Consumer Behavior, habits and the future self, and the psychology of time management. Read his posts on NirandFar.


66. Mike Michalowicz


67. SaaS Academy Training

SaaS Academy will teach you how to expand & scale your business by attracting & converting the right audience. Contact us today to learn from the real growth professionals!


68. The Tuttle Twins

Website traffic: 300K/month

69. Dallas PR Firms

Dallas-based technology PR and marketing agency specializing in B2B tech PR, web design, content and inbound marketing services. HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency.


70. The Katrina Ruth Show


71. ThriveTime Show

Learn to grow or start a business by using the highest business coach program, attending business conferences, subscribing to the business podcast, & more

Where they're located: Jenks, OK, USA
Website traffic: 130K/month


72. Nomadic Matt

Get the budget travel tips you need to travel cheaper, better, and smarter today from the world's #1 budget travel writer!

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA


73. Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning Book has been called the most Life-Changing Book ever written. Learn the Not-So-Obvious Secret to transforming your life!