42 Trending Aluminum Recycling Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
Start An Aluminum Recycling Business

Aluminum recycling is the process through which scrap aluminum can be reused in products after its initial production. Aluminum is used in many products, including cans, foils, kitchen utensils, window frames, and building materials.

To start an aluminum recycling business, create a company plan, get a trade license, and register your business. You then need to set up a facility where you will collect the aluminum waste, melt and transform it into new products.

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1. Recycle Now

Website traffic: 320K/month

2. Biffa

Biffa is the leading integrated waste management company in the UK. Learn about our waste collection services and order your waste contract online today.

Website traffic: 160K/month

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Other resources

4. Call2Recycle

Recycle your rechargeable batteries and cellphones.

Website traffic: 120K/month

5. Scrap Metal Forum

The official Scrap Metal Forum. Scrap metal questions and answers, discussions, advice and more. Join the Internet's #1 metal recycling forum.

6. Scrap Software

ScrapRight Scrap Software is the top-rated, full featured, most innovative, easiest to use Recycling Software in the recycling and scrap metal industry. 877-897-6422

7. Reclaim, Recycle, and Sell your Precious Metal Scrap

Website traffic: 70K/month

8. Rica Recycling

San Francisco, Bay Area based electronics waste recycler. Services: E-waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition, Data Destruction, Pick Up, Free Drop Off, Precious Metal Refining, Solar Panel Recycling

9. EMR Metal Recycling home page

Find your local EMR Metal Recycling scrap metal yard. Best prices paid for ferrous (steel / iron) and non-ferrous (aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, lead) metals, scrap cars, cans, and appliances.

10. Metal World

Metals Marketplace - trade exchange

11. Norstar Steel Recyclers

Norstar are recyclers of scrap metals from Industrial, Commercial and Domestic customers. Contact us for prices or to arrange pickup on (03) 9369 2099.

12. Wall Recycling

Dumpster rental and metal recycling company with facilities in Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, Apex, Goldsboro, Wilson, and Frankilton.

13. Reliable Recycling Center

At Reliable Recycling Center, we accept most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, clean cardboard, computer parts, and most electronics. We also offer roll-off and pickup services, making recycling even easier. Call us today to check our prices!

14. Upstate Shredding – Weitsman Recycling

We are the largest privately owned scrap metal processing & recycling operation on the East Coast.

15. South African Plastics Recycling Organisation: SAPRO

16. Business Management Software


17. Triple M Metal

Triple M Metal is the leading scrap metal recycling company in North America. Get cash for scrap today. Find a scrap yard near you and view today’s price for aluminum, copper and other metals. Dealers and auto wreckers get cash for cars. Sell your scrap to Triple M Metal!

18. Valley Metal Recycling

19. Recycling Bins.co.uk

Recycling bins offers the largest range of recycling bins for schools, homes, offices and other venues. With free delivery on everything and lowest prices guaranteed.

20. Scrap metal

The British Metals Recycling Association represents the metal recycling sector in the UK from multi-national companies to family run scrap yards.

21. Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore MD-Metal Recyclers LLC

Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore Maryland-20+ Years Experience Insuring You competitive Pricing & Unbeatable Service. Call Now-Get The Best Price 410-674-2000

22. https://www.taronimetalrecycling.co.uk

Taroni Metal Recycling purchase various types of scrap metal from iron, steel, aluminium as well as others.

23. Owl Metals

Highest Prices Paid for Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Lead, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Steel in Baltimore MD, Dundalk MD_More for Your Metal at Owl Metals Inc.

24. John Lawrie Group

Metal recycling and industrial decommissioning specialists, and supply of steel tubulars for piling to the construction industry.

25. PepsiCo Recycling

The U.S. is recycling less than half its bottles and cans. Learn how PepsiCo Recycling is making an impact within communities across the nation.

26. Metal recycling center in Philadelphia and New Jersey

27. Metalico, Inc.

A full service company addressing all our customer needs. We specialize in collection and recycling of ferrous metals.

28. Altek

29. Scrapco Metal Recycling Ltd

30. Recycling your metal

Leader in metal recycling over 80 years. We recycle scrap metal from industrials and particulars.

31. Manhari Recycling

32. Scrap Metal in Melbourne

Specialising in Scrap Metal in Melbourne, Best Way Scrap Metal offers fair and generous prices for a wide range of materials. Visit our Scrap Yard today.

33. Alupro

We are working to meet the industry’s obligation to meet and exceed recycling targets for aluminium packaging. Find out more...

34. Richmond Steel Recycling

Richmond Steel Recycling is a leading scrap metal recycling company. We buy and recycle a wide range of scrap metals & cars at the most competitive price.

35. Vikoz Enterprises Inc.

36. Metal Recycling Services

When you sell your scrap metal at home or at work, you profit, our communities’ benefit, and the environment’s protected from more unnecessary landfill.


37. Scrap Metal Pick Up and Recycling

38. Scrappys Main

Get paid money up front for scrap metal, whitegoods and cars at Scrappys, Victoria's largest scrap metal collection & recycling yard. Collection arranged.

39. Gershow Recycling

Gershow Recycling scrap metal buying and selling facility has locations throughout Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, Brooklyn, and New York.

40. O'Reilly Recycling

Metal recycling Dublin, Leading scrap metal recycling in Dublin,Scrap metal blanchardstown, cash for scrap

41. Sims Metal AU