How To Start A Children's Clothing Brand In 10 Steps

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Thinking about starting a children's clothing brand, but not sure everything you'll need to do?

We've put together a checklist that covers every step of the process - from start to finish.

Use this as a reference while starting your brand.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Before starting your children's clothing brand, it's essential that you determine it will be successful, and that it's the right business for you. These resources will help:

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Statistics: Children's Clothing Brand

Case Studies

Want to see how others did it? Check out these 3 case studies on successful children's clothing brands:

Step 2: Create A Business Plan

Preparation makes all the difference. A proper business plan will only save you time and money in the long run.

  1. Write A Business Plan: How To Write A Business Plan
  2. Find Your Niche & Target Customer: Find your niche / find your target customer (2,300+ niches)

Step 3: Come Up With A Name

With a catchy name and attractive brand for your clothing brand, you'll stand out among the rest:

  1. Find a name for your business: 300+ Children's Clothing Names ➜
  2. Find a slogan for your business: 250+ Children's Clothing Slogans ➜
  3. Find a domain for your business: Cheap Domains ➜
  4. Find an Instagram handle for your business: 1000+ Children's Clothing Instagram Names ➜
  5. Create a logo for your business: Logo Maker ➜

You must do your paperwork before you start operating as a business:

1. Choose Your Business Structure

2. Register For Taxes (Federal)

3. Register For Taxes (State)

Step 5: Bank, Bookkeeping, Insurance, Permits & Licenses

To operate your business, you'll need basic things like a bank account, and you may need some licenses and insurance (depending on your business):

1. Bank Account, Credit Card

2. Insurance

3. Permits & Licenses

Step 7: Design Your Product

You need actual goods to sell them! Here's some tips to design and create your clothing:




Packaging Design

Step 8: Build A Website

A beautiful website can make all the difference, and lead to significant more sales and revenue:

  1. Build Your Website & Online Store: How To Build A Great Website
  2. Get Inspired: 22 Best Children's Clothing Website Designs

Step 9: Launch!

If you don't launch your company, nobody will know about it! Here's some tips to launch:

  1. Price Your Product: How to price your clothing?
  2. Launch The Business: How To Launch Your Business
  3. Get Press To Cover Your Launch: Getting Press Coverage On Your Business (15:40)

Step 10: Find Customers & Grow

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  3. Learn: Email Marketing & Growing Your List (24:32)
  4. Learn: Facebook & Social Media Advertising (15:33)
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