The 32 Best Customer Service Tools For Small Business [2020]

Customer Service is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular customer service tools.

Here they are:

1. Zendesk

Customer service software and support ticketing system.

Businesses using Zendesk:

70 successful businesses are using Zendesk ➜


Get Zendesk ➜

2. Facebook Chat App

Live chat with your customers using Facebook Messenger.

Businesses using Facebook Chat App:

46 successful businesses are using Facebook Chat App ➜


Get Facebook Chat App ➜

3. Intercom

Customer messaging platform.

(for the all-in-one solution)

Businesses using Intercom:

45 successful businesses are using Intercom ➜


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4. HelpScout

Help desk software.

Businesses using HelpScout:

29 successful businesses are using HelpScout ➜


Get HelpScout ➜

5. Freshdesk

Customer support software and ticketing system.

Businesses using Freshdesk:

22 successful businesses are using Freshdesk ➜


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6. Drift

Customer communication platform.

Businesses using Drift:

19 successful businesses are using Drift ➜

Get Drift ➜

7. TawkTo

A free messaging app to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website.

Businesses using TawkTo:

16 successful businesses are using TawkTo ➜

Get TawkTo ➜

8. ManyChat

Facebook Messenger bot.

Businesses using ManyChat:

13 successful businesses are using ManyChat ➜


Get ManyChat ➜

9. crisp

Chat with website visitors.

Businesses using crisp:

11 successful businesses are using crisp ➜


Get crisp ➜

10. grasshopper

A virtual phone system can help your business stay organized with many calls coming in.

Businesses using grasshopper :

11 successful businesses are using grasshopper ➜


Get grasshopper ➜

11. Tidio

Live chat service.

Businesses using Tidio:

11 successful businesses are using Tidio ➜


Get Tidio ➜

12. Gorgias

Helpdesk designed for Shopify stores. Provide multichannel customer service from a single app.

Businesses using Gorgias:

9 successful businesses are using Gorgias ➜


Get Gorgias ➜

13. Chatra

Website and in-app messaging.

Businesses using Chatra:

7 successful businesses are using Chatra ➜


Get Chatra ➜

14. Front

Customer support platform.

  • Starter - $9/month
  • Plus - $29/month
  • Pro - $49/month
  • Enterprise - $99/month

  • Pricing: Paid

  • Twitter: @FrontApp

  • Website:

Businesses using Front:

6 successful businesses are using Front ➜


Get Front ➜

15. Re:amaze

Helpdesk and customer messaging platform designed for online businesses and brands.

Businesses using Re:amaze:

5 successful businesses are using Re:amaze ➜


Get Re:amaze ➜

16. Product Questions and Answers

Helps you create product-specific FAQ sections on product pages.

Businesses using Product Questions and Answers:

4 successful businesses are using Product Questions and Answers ➜


Get Product Questions and Answers ➜

17. HelpCenter

Build an attractive FAQs page.

Businesses using HelpCenter:

3 successful businesses are using HelpCenter ➜


Get HelpCenter ➜

18. Live Chat

An online customer service software with online chat, help desk software, and web analytics capabilities.

Businesses using Live Chat:

3 successful businesses are using Live Chat ➜

Get Live Chat ➜

19. Olark

Live chat software for sales, marketing, and customer support on your website.

Businesses using Olark:

3 successful businesses are using Olark ➜


Get Olark ➜

20. Zopim

Chat with visitors in real-time & increase conversions.

Businesses using Zopim:

2 successful businesses are using Zopim ➜


Get Zopim ➜

21. Groove

Makes Support Email Management Easy Groove turns your Gmail, Outlook, or any other email inbox into your team's customer service help desk.

Businesses using Groove:

2 successful businesses are using Groove ➜


Get Groove ➜

22. Buffer Reply

Is a social media customer service and monitoring tool brought to you by Buffer.

Businesses using Buffer Reply:

2 successful businesses are using Buffer Reply ➜

Get Buffer Reply ➜

23. purechat

A live chat software which enables SMBs to engage website visitors with live chat functionality. Incorporating unlimited operators, unlimited chats, full transcript history and complete widget customization, Pure Chat aims to deliver an effective customer service solution.

Businesses using purechat:

1 successful business is using purechat ➜


Get purechat ➜

24. Fusedesk

Integrated customer support help desk and messaging platform for Keap and Infusionsoft.

Businesses using Fusedesk:

1 successful business is using Fusedesk ➜


Get Fusedesk ➜

25. HelpNinja

A support desk system, to manage all your incoming emails.

Businesses using HelpNinja:

1 successful business is using HelpNinja ➜

Get HelpNinja ➜

26. jivochat

All-in-one business messenger that dramatically improves your sales and conversion rate.

Businesses using jivochat:

1 successful business is using jivochat ➜


Get jivochat ➜

27. Oct8ne

A visual customer service software that is drastically changing the way we interact with e-commerce customers and how online purchases are made.

Businesses using Oct8ne:

1 successful business is using Oct8ne ➜

Get Oct8ne ➜

28. Happyfox Chat

An Incredibly powerful live chat software that is simple, easy and fast. Putting experience first, HappyFox Chat is lightweight and mobile responsive.

Businesses using Happyfox Chat:

1 successful business is using Happyfox Chat ➜

Get Happyfox Chat ➜

29. Nextiva

A solution that allows users to receive local and toll-free numbers for a fraction of the price of traditional phone system plans.

Businesses using Nextiva:

1 successful business is using Nextiva ➜


Get Nextiva ➜

30. Returns Manager

Simplify returns for both you and your customers.

Businesses using Returns Manager:

1 successful business is using Returns Manager ➜


Get Returns Manager ➜

31. Raven

Turn website visitors into your hottest sales calls with a "Call me back" button.

Businesses using Raven:

1 successful business is using Raven ➜


Get Raven ➜


An automation platform that simplifies and automates all aspects of operating an online web hosting and domain registrar business.

Businesses using WHMCS:

1 successful business is using WHMCS ➜



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