Crumbl Cookies Franchise Cost, Fees & How to Start One [2023]

Updated: August 31st, 2022

‍Are you a fan of cookies? If so, you're going to love Crumbl Cookies. This relatively new franchise is making and serving desserts in a way that can't be found anywhere else. With a weekly rotating menu, open-concept kitchens and their outstanding pink box, Crumbl Cookies is quickly growing in popularity.

And best of all, the franchisor promises a comfortable onboarding process, including all necessary training, help with opening your bakery and full support with operating the business. So if you're looking for a delicious and rewarding franchise opportunity, Crumbl Cookies is definitely worth considering.

Is ‍Crumbl Cookies A Franchise?

Yes, ‍Crumbl Cookies is a franchise. That means if you want to open your own ‍Crumbl Cookies branch, it's possible! They have over 264 locations. Read on to find out how much it costs to open your own ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise and how to get started.

‍Crumbl Cookies Franchise Cost

In order to open a ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise, you'll need to have a minimum of ‍$150,000 liquid assets. Additionally, you'll need to pay a ‍$25,000 franchise fee. The total investment necessary to begin operating a ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise typically ranges from ‍$227,666 to ‍$567,833.

Liquid Cash Requirements: from ‍$150,000+

Initial Investment: ‍$227,666 to ‍$567,833

Initial Franchise Fee: ‍$25,000

‍Crumbl Cookies Franchise Fee

The ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise fee is a monthly fee of ‍8% of gross sales. This fee helps to cover the costs of the various services and support that ‍Crumbl Cookies provides its franchisees. Then there is an additional ‍2% monthly fee for advertising and promotion.

Ongoing Royalty Fee: ‍8%

Ad Royalty Fee: ‍2%

How to Start ‍Crumbl Cookies Franchise?

If you want to start ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise, these are the things you need to do:

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Capital

If you want to open a ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise, you must have at least ‍$150,000 in liquid cash.

Make Sure You Have Enough Experience

‍Crumbl Cookies requires previous business experience from its franchisees. It makes sense. The initial investment is significant, and starting a successful franchise is a lot of work.

Assess Market Availability

Many markets worldwide have availability for ‍Crumbl Cookies franchises. You will want to look into the market availability in your specific location of interest and determine if there are any available opportunities before proceeding with the franchising application.

Submit Your Application

Then all you have to do is apply here. The ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise team will then check it, and you will be contacted for further action.

‍Crumbl Cookies Franchise Requirements

There are some requirements you have to meet to start your own ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise:

  • Business Experience
  • Business plan
  • Good credit history
  • And, of course, at least ‍$150,000 in liquid cash

How Much Does a ‍Crumbl Cookies Franchise Owner Make?

On average, ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise generates between ‍$734,278 and ‍$3,639,139 in annual profit. That’s considering the branch is at least one year old.

The amount of profit a ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise owner can make varies depending on the location and size of the restaurant, as well as the owner's managerial abilities and commitment to success.

So, what is the

‍Crumbl Cookies Franchise Owner Salary

The average ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise owner makes an annual salary of around ‍$279,212. However, this number can vary depending on the size and location of the franchise.

How Profitable Is ‍Crumbl Cookies Franchise?

Suppose we calculate that the initial investment is ‍$227,666 to ‍$567,833, and the average annual earnings of the franchise owner are ‍$279,212. In that case, the initial investment will be recouped in approximately ‍0.8 to ‍2.0 years.

However, we don't factor in the resell value of the entire ‍Crumbl Cookies franchise business, which reduces the payback period significantly.

You need to do your own calculations to see if it's worth it for you or not.

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