Carl Runefelt Net Worth & Source of Income [Updated in 2023]

Carl Runefelt Net Worth & Source of Income [Updated in 2023]

Carl Runefelt Net Worth & Source of Income [Updated in 2023]

Carl Runefelt is a famous billionaire with a vast net worth and a successful career. As such, it's not surprising to see many people interested in learning about his story, especially his success. Here's what we know about Carl Runefelt:

Carl Runefelt is an entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer with a net worth of 1.1 billion USD. He earned most of his net worth from investments, businesses, and social media pages. Most of what he shares are related to cryptocurrency investing.

In this article, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about Runefelt, especially his net worth and career. This article includes his early life and social media accounts if you want to follow or subscribe.

Full Name Carl Runefelt
Gender Male
Birth Date September 5, 1994
Birth Place Stockholm, Sweden
Source of Wealth Cryptocurrency Investments
Net Worth: 1.1 billion USD

Who is Carl Runefelt?

Carl Runefelt, sometimes known as Carl The Moon, is a Swedish businessman, trader, and social media celebrity. He is well-recognized for posting cryptocurrency-related stuff on social media. He currently has more than a million Twitter followers. He uses the site for content aggregation most and tweets a lot.

Carl Runefelt Net Worth and Career

The total wealth of Carl Runefelt is 1.1 billion USD, and investments are his primary source of income. He invests a large portion of his money in cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. Runefelt has been actively trading in the cryptocurrency market for over five years. As a result, he successfully converted his modest investment into significant returns, enabling him to attain financial independence.

Carl appeared on Forbes' list of the 30 Under 30. He continues to invest without fear because he thinks cryptocurrencies are the future, despite significant setbacks in the business. He is adamant that it will alter people's lives and may even undermine conventional money. His largest holding among all cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin.

Runefelt is one of the cryptocurrency sector figures with the most significant profits. For the last few years, he has been putting all of his assets into cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

Runefelt was quite intelligent and was able to make very successful investments. He has a strong preference for Bitcoin above all other cryptocurrencies. Further, he always keeps the currency and seeks to purchase it at the right moment, regardless of price fluctuations.

His life has transformed due to the forecasts he made in recent years. In a few years, he went from working as a typical cashier to being a successful entrepreneur. He has earned the moniker "The Moon" for making precise forecasts.

He is thought to have nearly reached billionaire status by making smart investments in cryptocurrency.

He has made investments in other significant currencies outside of Bitcoin, but he is highly optimistic about cryptocurrency. Because it enabled him to amass a fortune, he views his thinking as his greatest asset.

His ownership of two firms speaks to his enterprising side. In January 2021, he helped co-found a cryptocurrency token called Kast.

According to the website Coinmarketcap, the cost of one coin is now $0.069 at this time. In November of the same year, he opened his second company. The Moon Group is a corporation that offers business consultancy and other services.

The next step is to look at his social media accounts. He is most active on Twitter, with 1.1 million followers and about 17,000 tweets, out of all social media sites. In December 2017, he also started uploading lengthy videos on his YouTube account. He currently has 87 million views and more than 559 thousand subscribers.


Early Life of Carl Runefelt

His early life also attracts people's attention, particularly young ones. After all, it features Runefelt as a university dropout from Sweden who worked as a grocery store clerk before moving to Dubai and leading a Bugatti-driving life in a matter of years.

Runefelt didn't have any actual business experience and didn't even have a university degree, even though he had the will to succeed. Thus, he set objectives and studied entrepreneurship, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and how to start successful enterprises.

Runefelt believes that your success is decided by your thinking and beliefs, not by your educational background or professional experience, including whether you believe in yourself or not. Your world is created by what you think.


Where Can You Follow Carl Runefelt?

Carl Runefelt is active on every social media platform. As such, if you want to stay updated with current events revolving around this man and also learn some tips and tricks to success from him, you can follow his social media pages below:


Carl Runefelt is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer with a net worth of around 1.1 billion USD. His businesses, investments, and social media profiles made up most of his total worth. In general, Runefelt focuses most of his remarks on cryptocurrency investment.

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