Wagaya :: Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

Wagaya means “Our Home” in Japanese, named after the owner's passion to introduce to Atlanta the authentic Japanese food he grew up eating, including fresh Sushi, Ramen, Donburi and so much more. Come visit us, experience Japan and make “Our Home” a part of yours.のみくい処、わがやで日本を味合う。新鮮なお寿司から懐かしい味のかぼちゃの煮物まで、おいしい料理で「ほっ」と一息、心和むひとときをお楽しみください。歓送迎会、お誕生日など、大人数様でのご宴会には店内貸切のご案内もできますのでお問い合わせお待ちしております(日曜日のみ)。
from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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