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VUES is a South African artified opticals - eyewear company. The company was founded in 2017 by Jaxx Tshabalala.

VUES is an African eyewear retailer established in June 2017 with the sole purpose of Protecting The Naked Eye.




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Jaxx Tshabalala details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on VUES?

VUES is an African eyewear retailer established in June 2017 with the sole purpose of Protecting the Naked Eye. Through superior design, their eyewear is well-differentiated in the market and is available online and physically through potential partnerships. Artified Optics is the philosophy that governs their design thinking, aptly described as “the intersection of groundbreaking design and selfless technology for the daring individual”.

Individually, I had no expertise in this area except the fact that I’ve had to wear eyewear since I was 9 years old and surprisingly saw little to no innovation in this space well into my late 20’s. My financial situation at this time was not very good, I had a job as an analyst at a Bank but my salary was still in the lower tiers and the economy in South Africa was close to junk status and eventually slipped into junk status by credit rating agencies such Moody’s.

One of the many value offerings of having an online business is in offering your customers convenience. This is a new age of doing business in eyewear and customers want to have accessibility at their fingertips although selling eyewear online can be challenging. The wheels have started to turn and it’s only a matter of time until the whole value chain is automated and hosted on a digital platform.

The downside of technological innovation though is that it reduces barriers to entry which increases competition, in this regard companies would need to compete on a lot more differentiation aspects such as product differentiation, market positioning, ethics, data and not only rely on price differentiation.

The way VUES differentiates itself is by offering as much customized service as possible citing activities such as online/telephonic fitting consultations, Optometrist referral, real-time inquiry processing, well-curated digital content, medical aid as a payment option, online payment options, online payment reversals, uniquely designed products and technology innovations such as anti-Blu-ray lenses


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