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Transcription Outsourcing is an American fast and accurate transcription services company. The company was founded in 2010 by Ben Walker.

Transcription services for the medical, legal, law enforcement, financial, and business communities. 99% accurate, fast, and affordable. US based teams




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Ben Walker details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Transcription Outsourcing?

I grew up in Omaha, NE with four siblings and parents who’ve started probably around 20 companies. So new companies, employees, clients, and everything that goes with starting new companies were normal dinner table topics. Not that we as kids were asked our opinions, more that we got to listen to our parents talk things through that were front and center for them at that time. Which were things like who to hire for what jobs, who to let go, where to start a new office or location, and if they should borrow more money for expansion or not.

We had front row seats and that has helped more than I would have ever guessed it would when I was 10 years old bored out of my mind not being able to join the conversation at dinner.

At the same time I was learning at dinner by osmosis I started playing tennis almost every day. Then I was able to go to an all-boys prep school for high school. Both of those things also contributed considerably to me ending up being a business owner.

My tennis coach, who I traveled with all over the midwest to junior tournaments, taught us a ton of extremely valuable life lessons at the same time he was teaching us tennis. Unfortunately, we didn’t know it at the time, at least I didn’t, we had a world-class tennis coach who also taught us how to be really good in the business world.

Working hard, finishing what we started, and getting up after falling were all things he taught us with his many different lessons along the way. I can vividly remember him telling us things like “woulda coulda shoulda” when we would complain about how we woulda beat that guy, or coulda beat that guy, or shoulda beat that guy, and he would ask us to stop making excuses and figure out how to beat that guy and get to work. He also told us many times “can’t do anything”, when we would say things like I can’t beat that guy, or hit that shot, or win that tournament.

> Do everything yourself at least once. This way you will know what it’s like to make cold calls, deposit checks, answer the customer service calls, fire someone, hire someone, and literally anything else you are going to ask someone else to eventually do for you.

Colorado State University won my out of state tuition contest and I have been in Colorado since. While at CSU I studied economics with a ton of marketing and business classes thrown in.

Right after college I started and worked for a few different banks and mortgage brokers selling home loans for about eight years. While it was fun and fast-paced I soon realized that the mortgage industry was not for me as I was terrible at transactional sales and way better at relationship building.

Once I knew I needed to be doing something else I started doing some research into fields that would provide opportunities for at least 30 years because I figured I’d have to work till I was 55 or so before I would want to retire. Not that I wouldn’t be able to retire before 55, I know that I personally need things to do almost 24/7 or I get bored and antsy really quickly.

My founding story is probably very boring compared to many others’ stories about making it on their own. During the summer of 2007, I was at dinner with my parents when they mentioned their friend was going to start a medical transcription company.

At that time I was doing everything I could to get a job selling medical devices and no one would hire me. I wanted in the healthcare industry so badly I would have done almost anything to get a job in the industry at the time. When they mentioned their friend starting a company serving the healthcare industry I immediately asked if I could be a part of the new company.

About two months later the founder, whom I’d never met before, was flying through Denver on his way back to Omaha from an overseas trip and asked me to meet with him on his four-hour layover. I drove out to the airport and met with the founder for a few hours and we agreed then and there to get into business together. About two months after that we were signing letters of incorporation and soon we were off to the races.

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