Tidewater Dirt Riders

Our club is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the state. The club focuses on family involvement. From the long term members who have been with the club since its founding, to the youngest riders, the club is a great place for outdoor family entertainment with people of similar interests. The club hosts several events each year, intended to provide entertainment for people of all ages. Ranging from racing as part of a statewide competition, to family outings where we encourage everyone to bring a tent and spend the weekend, you're guaranteed to have a good time. The forum is used as a primary communication tool between club members and club officers. We encourage those that have new riding tips or things for sale to use the forum often. The club also has a Facebook page where you can like us. The club is leasing two pieces of property and we are developing the properties for club use. If you know of any parcels up for lease, we would be interested in talking about the possibilities. We do have a place to ride in Charles City at this time. Please contact us for those details. If you would like information about the club, please send an email. To locate our FaceBook page, visit us at click here.
from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
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