Welcome To New Song Community Learning Center

New Song Community Learning Center (NSCLC) opened its doors in 1991 as a non-profit educational program, specifically as a small preschool and after-school program for the children in the Sandtown-Winchester community of West Baltimore. The Learning Center was founded by Susan Tibbels, a Sandtown resident and co-founder of New Song Urban Ministries community development enterprise that oversaw a wide range of local programs and organizations. NSCLC expanded in 1994 with the opening of New Song Academy and became a K-8 public school in 1997 under the New Schools Initiative of the Baltimore City Public School System, a program that gave schools charter-like flexibility. In 2001, NSCLC moved into a new $5 million center to house the New Song Academy and provide space for additional community programs and services. Today, there are approximately 166 PreK – 8th Grade children and their families attending classes, after school programs, musical and arts performances, basketball games, workshops and other events under the New Song Community Learning Center umbrella.
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