Konnected Inc.

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Konnected Inc. is an American smart home security systems company. The company was founded in 2017 by Nate Clark.

Connect wired alarm system door, window and motion sensors to SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat and OpenHAB with Konnected.





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Konnected Inc.

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Company History

Nate Clark details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Konnected Inc.?

I strongly believe in open systems developed with service providers that offer the freedom of choice for consumers. I am very much an ‘accidental founder’ in the sense that when I first developed Konnected, I was just trying to solve an issue with my traditional home security system and transition it to a smart system.

As I was preparing to go on a family vacation, I learned of a few neighbors reporting break-ins, which prompted my concerns about not being able to fully monitor my home’s security remotely.

During my trip, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a way for me to connect the sensors that I had in my home to a SmartThings device so that I could keep track of my home while I was gone. This put the wheels in motion for a new software project for me.

My first course of action was to tap into open source communities to explore resources and gain insight into what was needed to facilitate the functionality for which I was looking. When I created the first open-sourced version and put it on GitHub, word-of-mouth propelled the project forward, and people began asking me to create one for them. I wasn’t the only one that had this home security need, and if I wanted to make my invention easily accessible to all, I had to create a physical product that people can install themselves.

And because of the open-source culture, the Konnected community organically started growing, becoming more involved and interested. They started sharing feedback and new ideas that helped me develop this product into something that helps homeowners take back control of their home security and smart home automation.

> User communication proved to be the most valuable asset because it enabled us to develop a lasting relationship beginning from purchase through installation and daily use of Konnected.

Wireless smart home security systems require consumers to purchase costly additional accessories and sensors that largely rely on battery power that will fail if not consistently replaced. However, millions of homes are already pre-wired and powered with similar contact sensors yet don’t seamlessly blend in with the smart home technology so many of us enjoy today.

Most homeowners simply stopped using their wired systems due to expensive monitoring fees. With Konnected they can be “recycled” into smart security The system through simple self-installation, without having to add a host of new equipment or spend on costly renovations. Konnected makes pre-wired systems useful again, without additional monthly fees, interacts with, and gives you control of your home’s security which you can command right from your phone.

Konnected is unlike anything that I have developed in the past. With my background in software development, technology, and a passion for smart automation, Konnected allowed me to marry everything together and present one product that integrates home security into smart home applications and gives consumers the ability to monitor their safety from their smartphones.

Source [1]


They use Slack, Google Suite, and Monday.com for their productivity. Kickstarter for their crowdfunding. Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter for their social media.



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