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Mob/Watsup +256781580278, +256704032414, Email: [email protected],[email protected] Colline House-Kampala Uganda. KASTHEW CO.LTD Borehole Water Drilling Company Uganda is the Leading Provider of Borehole Water Borehole Drilling Construction Services in Uganda-Kampala East Africa. The company offers drilling of: Community Village Boreholes in Uganda, Church Boreholes in Uganda, School Boreholes in Uganda, Production Boreholes in Uganda, Solar Pump Boreholes in Uganda, Electric Boreholes in Uganda, Handpump Boreholes in Uganda, Stainless Steel Boreholes in Uganda - Kampala East Africa. The company has extended her services to cover projects in Rwanda, Burundi and D.R.Congo.In response to the rapid demand in the Ugandan & Rwanda’s water and contruction sector and building industry, KASTHEW Constractors Uganda Ltd has developed into a full-service water and geotech service company, establishing itself as a leader in the civil works sector across the Ugandan and Rwandan markets. Kasthew Constractors Uganda Ltd operates within Ugandan & Rwanda’s (East Africa), and hopes to open up branches in Tanzania and Burundi.Colline House - Pilkington Road Kampala-Uganda Tel: +256 704 032 414, +256 781 580 278. Email: [email protected] [email protected]
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