I should have said

Have you ever had someone say a silly or nasty comment to you , and at the time you can’t come up with a good comeback? You are so shocked by what they said that you are rendered speechless. Later on you replay the silly comment in your head, tell your friends all about it, and you stew about what you should have said. This happens to most of us, and can put us off-kilter, out of sorts and shaken! A rare few are blessed with quick wit, and can come up with a quick answers off the top of their head, for the rest of us, I have made the “I should have said” video’s.
from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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The people who use my site range from young people to age 65 and many have a difficult person in their life or a bully they are dealing with. The best thing about my site is I receive so many emails from people thanking me and letting me know that the verbal self-defense comebacks and t...
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