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I should have said is a Canadian self defense for bullies company. The company was founded in 2011 by Bryn Connor and is based in Vancouver.

Have you ever had someone say a silly or nasty comment to you , and at the time you can’t come up with a good comeback? You are so shocked by what they said that you are rendered speechless. Later on you replay the silly comment in your head, tell your friends all about it, and you stew about what you should have said. This happens to most of us, and can put us off-kilter, out of sorts and shaken! A rare few are blessed with quick wit, and can come up with a quick answers off the top of their head, for the rest of us, I have made the “I should have said” video’s.





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Bryn Connor details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on I should have said?

When I first started the site I was doing animations for YouTube videos and embedding them on my website.

One day my son knocked water over my computer keyboard and I had to take it in to be repaired. I had to use my spare computer, a notebook, that didn’t have video editing capability. I decided to create polls where readers could vote for the best comeback to a nasty comment or situation. It was a huge improvement to the site, and the spilled water was a blessing in disguise.

Over time, the look of my web pages improved, as well as my pictures and storytelling. Most of my traffic is organic and from Pinterest.


My audience kept asking me for apps and books so I created what my audience was asking for. I receive emails from parents of teens and elementary school kids who ask me questions, they need help with bullying situations and I am currently creating products to cater to my audience.

I hired someone off Upwork to create two apps for me. I had done all of the storyboarding and had the graphics done by someone on Fiverr. The app developer was extremely difficult and demanding to work with.

Source [1]


I should have said is built on Amazon.

They use MailChimp and ConvertKit for their email. Pic Monkey for their design. Pinterest for their social media.



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