Ferrotype Ltd

Discover a world of branded stationery including notebooks, diaries, pens and pencils. We have over 20 years experience providing branded stationery to clients of all sizes. Come and discover what Ferrotype can do for your business.
from London, England, United Kingdom
started February 2019
I’m Dominic Irons and I jointly run Ferrotype with my sister Jo. We provide branded stationery to corporate clients - that’s notebooks, diaries, pens and pencils. The core of the business is branded notebooks though. Our focus is on premium stationery, and many people are familiar with ...
We are Ferrotype and we launched in February 2019. We originally launched in February 2019 as a B2B branded stationery provider. Since then we have expanded initially into gifts, but more recently into web design which is obviously quite a big change. Back in 2019 we had very quickly la...
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