El Paso Rent Help

Landlords seeking to help their tenants avoid eviction because of economic hardships brought on by COVID-19 should visit EPRentHelp.org beginning on July 22 to register their properties to participate in the EP Rent Help Program. This is the first formal step landlords can take to participate in the program which will grant millions of dollars in federal CARES Act funding to landlords within the City of El Paso. The program will not be administered on a first-come, first-first serve basis; rather the partnership will seek to distribute the funds to those who are in the greatest need. Landlords must apply on behalf of their tenants; tenants will be required to provide information to their landlords to complete the application. While this program is limited to tenants living in the City of El Paso, we will not ask your immigration status nor will it be used in making decisions about who receives funding awards. Learn more at EPRentHelp.org about eligibility, requirements, and timeline.
from El Paso, Texas, USA
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