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Code Story is an American human tech stories company. The company was founded in 2019 by Noah Labhart.

The Code Story offers a wide range of podcasts that features CEOs and software architects for tech startups. In the podcasts, the tech leaders share their stories and their journey on the roads they have walked. It is hosted by Noah Labhart and brings a lot of information to the digital startup world.




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Noah Labhart details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Code Story?

I have a passion for solution architecture. Having worked in many leadership roles over the past 13 years, I’ve gained vast experience in software implementation – from web applications to mobile apps to platform architecture. The sweet spot for me is creating solutions that impact people's lives and doing so by applying development best practices, methodologies, and building world-class user experiences. When I’m not being a geek or reading old calculus books, I can be found chasing after my beautiful bride, being chased by my kids, enjoying a good cup o’ joe, reading good fiction, or being outdoors.

Just jump out and do it. The more you wait, the more likely someone else is going to do it and beat you to the punch.

Why do I love building software? It's the intersection of the left and right brain, technology meets creativity, engineering meets art – the balance between structure and a free spirit. But more than what it does for me, I enjoy seeing lives impacted by creative technology and elegant solutions.

I’m a graduate of Texas A&M University, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics. I also hold an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington. After spending 8 years in Corporate America - learning a ton and gaining valuable skills and experience - I got the itch to jump on my own, to start my entrepreneurial journey.

My passion for communication, especially in surfacing human stories in building technology comes from my own experiences building startups. There are many highs and lows of startups, and most of the tales you hear are from the business side of things. What if find most interesting is the stories from the trenches of building the products themselves, and the β€œhow” they went about making decisions and dealing with how the chips fell.

I started this show because I love How I Built This with Guy Raz. What I found though, was that a show like this didn't exist for tech bent or startup people. So I created it. The show is a hybrid narrative/interview-style podcast, with music backing the interview to create an emotional response and connect the audience with different aspects of the episode and the story from the tech visionaries’ perspective.

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