Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You


According to John Warrillow, the number one mistake entrepreneurs make is to build a business that relies too heavily on them.

Thus, when the time comes to sell, buyers aren't confident that the company-even if it's profitable-can stand on its own.

* Repeatable: generate recurring revenue by engineering products that customers have to repurchase often.

"This book helped me figure out how to niche down my service was. Super easy read and the takeaway is to do one thing really well. "

- Mike Doyle, drive80 ($7,000 revenue/mo) full story

"This book has been a game-changer for me, the insights are extremely valuable."

- Sam Wilcox, Tribecto Automations ($10,000 revenue/mo) full story

"This book had a strong influence on me and I recommend it a lot. The advice in this book isn’t just for folks who are in that mode - it has lots of ideas for how to streamline your business through standardizing on products (or services) and creating standard operating procedures that staff can easily be trained on, that I learned a lot from."

- Jói Sigurdsson, CrankWheel ($31,150 revenue/mo) full story