10 Best Youtube Analytics Tools [2021]

10 Best Youtube Analytics Tools [2021]

Youtube is essential to growing and running your business, and so is the ability to view analytics and gauge your customer's interests.

Creators upload more than 100 hours of video per minute to YouTube. It's one of the best ways to communicate to a wide audience

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular Youtube analytics tools, and include:

  • breakdown of pricing
  • where to find each tool
  • successful founders using these tools

Here they are:

1. UnboxSocial

Website: unboxsocial.com


UnboxSocial specializes in helping you enhance your social media by using a meaningful database.

UnboxSocial self describes as a data-driven influencer marketing platform for discovering, evaluating, and tracking large-scale campaigns. With a smart search engine that helps curate high-quality databases across different social media, they help identify your target audience and business goals.

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2. ChannelMeter

Website: channelmeter.com


ChannelMeter is known for simplifying the finding, joining, managing, and payments processes for creators.

This is a platform developed and tailored for speed, scale, and success. This tool helps you focus on more important topics like results and ROI, instead of paperwork and mundane tasks.

They help media companies and brands leverage online video by providing the tools necessary to succeed.

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3. Quintly

Website: quintly.com/


Using Quintly you can get new insights into your performance and tailor strategies using advanced analytics and competitive benchmarking.

Quintly is a multi-recognized platform, user favorite, that helps brands gain valuable insights from competitive benchmarks. Define existing metrics or create new ones from scratch to effectively measure social media KPIs that align with your strategic goals. The tool uses competitive analysis to draw valuable conclusions and help you understand how to outperform competitors.

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4. TubeBuddy

Website: tubebuddy.com


TubeBuddy can help you get more viewers and improve results by giving you useful tools to enhance your content as fast as possible.

TubeBuddy has an advanced keyword search and can identify high-component video topics so you can create a perfect title and label. The tool can better help your YouTube practices and give you an idea if your videos will be successful. More than 3 million brands and creators have expressed their love for the platform.

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5. SocialBakers

Website: socialbakers.com


SocialBakers can help your business grow by allowing you to understand your audience and the content they want to see while analyzing engagement and improving cross-channel management.

SocialBakers helps identify:

  • your marketing role
  • target ingest
  • where to invest your funds for the best results
  • helps align your content strategy with your business goals
  • increases content engagement across all channels.

The tool allows you to manage as many channels as you need from one platform, all from a collaborative publishing calendar.

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6. ViralStat

Website: viralstat.com


While using ViralStat you can analyze and compare video performance with thousands of social channels to help you grow your following.

ViralStat provides clear engagement metrics to help you understand what your target users see on social media, what they like, comment, and interact with. With this tool, you can create better content that meets your audience preferences and build exposure for your brand. ViralStat performs a competitor analysis to determine the best stories published by industry leaders on major social platforms and helps you avoid communication errors they make, so you can reach the right people faster. The tool also enhances your new content creativity by continuously monitoring social media trends to help you understand and jump on viral topics as early as possible.

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7. Vidooly

Website: vidooly.com


Vidooly helps achieve digital video success across all platforms with top-notch insights.

Vidooly is an info measurement platform trusted by more than 20 million users in the online video industry. This analytics tool can provide you with effective and efficient video marketing solutions and insights from over 500 million users on social platforms, including age, gender, location, affinity, and interests. The tool also analyzes over 4 million platforms and types of video content publishers around the world.

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8. Unmetric

Website: unmetric.com


Unmetric is a platform that enables teams to make real-time decisions by analyzing social media performance.

Unmetric provides social media analytics to help brand and agency marketers develop better social media strategies. This tool increases your engagement with content by understanding effective topics, filtering organic and paid content from any brand, and helping you gain immediate insights to understand the content that currently resonates with your audience.

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9. VidIQ

Website: vidiq.com


Free Option. Plans starting at $7.50/mo


VidIQ guides you on your path to growing your channel with strategies and tools to build a loyal following.

VidIQ helps you free up more time to create content. With tools like the "Compare Views" tool, you can track the speed of any video on YouTube and compare it to any video or any channel to get the best real-time feedback on your content’s performance and how to amp it up.

Businesses using VidIQ:

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10. SocialBlade

Website: socialblade.com


Free option. Plans starting at $3.99/mo


SocialBlade tracks user statistics from different social media to provide a better way to grow your following.

Helping you with simplified analysis, SocialBlade provides access to a public database for all users. This database can provide a global analysis of content creators, live streamers, or brands using advanced technology. Whether you're looking for a popular YouTube creator or a Twitch streamer playing a specific game, to compare or comprehend, this tool has you covered.

Businesses using SocialBlade:

9 successful businesses are using SocialBlade ➜

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