15+ Best Blogs To Follow For Productivity [2021]

15+ Best Blogs To Follow For Productivity [2021]

Being productive is one thing; learning how to stay productive is another. Regardless of how favorable the plans for becoming more productive by researching the subject are, it might all seem overwhelming.

If you're not feeling as productive or motivated as normal, there are a few things you can try.

First and foremost, take a break if you can, even if it's just for an hour to read or go for a walk. When you're ready to return to your desk, browse through these productivity blogs to refuel your motivation.

Here are 15 of the best productivity blogs on the internet right now.

1. 99U

According to Thomas Edison, success is 99 percent you and 1% genius. He was right; success is almost always a result of the hard work we put in day in and day out. At 99U, it is all about infusing motivation via different practical examples.

This productivity blog isn't just fluff and talk; there are lots of practical examples to try out. Aside from that, 99U places a strong emphasis on developing creativity. You'll soon be overwhelmed with creative inspiration if not motivated to do anything at all!


2. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is the internet's equivalent of a boiler room. Office workers, average Joes, budding entrepreneurs, and a wide range of other people visit the site to get a glimpse of productivity.

According to statistics, Lifehacker has not only maintained a healthy audience in recent years, but it also serves as a platform for people to share advice, life hacks, productivity dos and don'ts, and so on.


3. Keep Productive

Keep Productive is the current version of how a productivity blog should be, in addition to having a sleek visual appeal. We loved the "feel" of it; you're compelled to read blog after blog simply for the pleasure of reading them.

The content focuses on productivity-boosting software, industry-leading podcasts, a weekly update of various productivity routine reviews, and so on. You should also check out their YouTube channel, as they are now rolling out productivity videos for those who need a little push in the right direction.


4. Maria Forleo

Maria Forleo, a motivational speaker, keeps her online audience engaged with a productivity blog. Unlike others, it’s a one-of-a-kind portal where motivational speakers rely on big words and flashy speech styles.

Maria's productivity message is that it's all about sharing life experiences in a positive, mood-lifting way. Reading her blog is like drinking your favorite brand of coffee first thing in the morning.


5. LifeDev

LifeDev has a simple design that may not capture your attention at first look, but there's a lot more to this productivity blog than meets the eye. The masthead says it all, “Anyone can have an idea. Making it happen is a whole other challenge."

This blog has a ton of content if you're trying to become more productive in your life, whether it's with chores or your professional work routine.

Every other day, the authors will update it with new topics. Furthermore, you will learn a few useful tips for completing projects - particularly when adversity strikes in the worst possible way!


6. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt captures his readers' attention by giving personal and professional success tips. This blog provides information for you if you want to succeed in health, relationships, intellectual growth, hobbies, passion, and productivity. It discusses multidimensional success that improves the lives of others around you.

Michael was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and a bestselling business author. He often shares his own success stories in order to help aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals in achieving their goals.


7. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

That's a productivity blog with a witty remark. Barking Up the Wrong Tree explores productivity from several perspectives, including professionalism and neuroscience.

Furthermore, the neuroscience solutions to your problems are presented in a highly reader-friendly manner. Some think the articles are irresistible, so check out the blog when you have free time. Make a schedule and come back to it whenever you need a jolt of inspiration in your life.


8. Get Rich Slowly

Founded by J.D.Roth in 2006, Get Rich Slowly is a blog for business owners seeking personal and financial freedom. The articles on this blog will teach you how to be more productive and better manage your finances.

The editor of Get Rich Slowly offers advice on how to save money, pay off debt, and invest wisely. Furthermore, the articles discuss personal and professional growth as well as how to improve your financial situation. Earning money, money basics, how to spend wisely, investment, money mindset, and money tools are some of the most popular categories on this site.


9. Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is the founder of Zen Habits. In this blog, he discusses how changing his habits helped him attain simplicity and mindfulness. He figured out how to focus on the important things while also motivating himself to build creative things. In his articles, he offers his own experiences as well as his insights.

Leo has written five books on how he can get more done and be more successful by changing his habits. Seachange, Fearless training, and Fearless mastery are some of them.


10. Tim Ferriss Blog

You've probably heard of Tim Ferriss' best-selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek. He was included in Fortune's '40 under 40' list and Fast Company's 'Most Innovative Business People' list. He is a tech investor and adviser to a number of well-known tech firms, including Uber and Facebook. He also writes for prestigious magazines such as Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

Tim's blog has a wide range of content that can help practically anyone achieves more and become more productive. Entrepreneurship, career, 4-hour case studies, and mental performance are some of his most popular blog categories. If you are a podcast person, you can listen to Tim's popular podcast, 'The Tim Ferriss Show.'


11. The Muse

The Muse provides career-related productivity tips to its readers. The Muse will help you throughout your career path if you are looking to advance your career and get your dream job. You can get practical guidance on how to find the job you want, advance in your professional career, and explore several career pathways.

This blog provides real-world advice from career bloggers and professional coaches on how to build a more qualified workforce. You can use the content to improve yourself and progress up the job ladder with adaptable tips.


12. The Digital Project Manager

The Digital Project Manager was founded in 2011 by Ben Aston and his team. This productivity blog focuses on the modern aspect of doing more in less time. The content discards traditional management formulas in favor of productivity hacks that work for today's millennials.

Your Digital Project Manager will guarantee that your project is completed on time and in perfect alignment with your business objectives.


13. The Daily Saint

The Daily Saint is a productivity blog dedicated to helping professionals properly organize and manage their time so that they can do more and have a larger impact. It's also designed to help them feel more fulfilled and improve their company for the better. Instead of focusing solely on helping individuals, this site sets itself apart by catering to organizations as well.


14. Productivityist

The Productivityist blog is here to help you find and keep your focus so you can focus on achieving your goals. Articles on how to create a productive day or habit, as well as practical ideas on email management and self-care, can be found on the blog.


15. Optimal Daily Living

Optimal Daily Living (OLD), founded by a group of entrepreneurs, is a website that curates some of the best content on personal development, simple living, financial independence, general wellness, and productivity from across the world. Consider OLD to be the central hub for all of your favorite blogs and bloggers. This excellent resource gathers and republishes the best posts from popular blogs and authors, many of whom are on this list.



So there you have it. A hand-picked list of the best productivity blogs to help you overcome obstacles, make better decisions, and motivate positive change.

Productivity and efficiency are inextricably linked for entrepreneurs and IT professionals. Through the aforementioned productivity blogs, you can learn what intrigues you the most in your professional life.

Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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